EA DOWN: Apex Legends servers offline with FIFA 19 and Battlefield games

EA servers are down according to fans trying to play their favourites games tonight.

Online gamers are confirming issues with Apex Legends servers, along with titles like FIFA 19 and Battlefield 5.

It’s unclear if this is a problem just causing issues on console platforms like PS4 and Xbox One, or if Origin services are also affected.

“Down for the second time in two weeks. Kinda getting old, EA. I love battlefield, but your servers are quite disappointing,” one gamer writes.

“I haven’t been able to play an EA game since Sunday night. No Skate 3, NHL, NFL, NBA, Apex or FIFA. Multi-billion dollar company and you can’t get your servers back up?”

All of EA’s major online multiplayer services are being reported down tonight, with newer releases like Anthem among those affected.

It currently unclear what is causing tonight’s EA server outage or how long it might last.

No ETA has been shared by EA support services yet so it’s hard to judge the severity of the outage.

If problems continue, fans can expect an update on the situation from EA, or from developers like DICE and Respawn Entertainment.


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