EA Punts Any Cross-Play Possibilities In FIFA 21

The beautiful game won’t be played together between platforms, as EA has confirmed there will be no cross-play between generations in FIFA 21. 

When asked about this requested feature, EA’s FIFA Direct Twitter account said that there will be no cross-play in the game, but you can transfer your FUT progression from the PS4 to the PS5 (same with Xbox One and Xbox Series X).

Cross-play might not be completely off the table yet though because currently on FIFA 21‘s Q&A page, it says that EA is “continuing to investigate its integration and will share updates when we have them.”

The lack of connectivity between PS4 and PS5 (and Xbox One and Series X) will be a huge bummer to many, as EA recently announced that its premier battle royale from Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends, will feature cross-play between the PS4 and Xbox One versions, as well as the Nintendo Switch and PC. In one match, PS4, Xbox One, and PC players can all play Star Wars Squadrons, its 5v5 dogfight title based on the massively popular property; even VR players can jump into the action.

Despite the lack of cross-play, FIFA 21 will still be packed with new features from the get-go. The new Agile Dribbling system will give players more responsive control in 1v1 situations and there’s a new ball roll fake move that will fool would-be defenders. The right stick can also be used to control your teammates’ movement, allowing you to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Volta football is also returning in FIFA 21 with a new two-to-three hour storyline called the Debut. It will build up from last year’s installment with new locations for you to play in.

In Career Mode, there’s a new Interactive Match Sim that simulates the action in a bird’s eye view, and then at any time, you can jump in or out of the game to make those important plays. There’s also a player growth system that allows you to change their role in the squad. As a manager, you can dictate when the team trains and takes rest days to manage the morale and the fitness of the team. The more morale a player has the more likely they will perform well.

FIFA 21 will be releasing on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC on October 9, 2020 with the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions coming later in the year. EA has said that you’ll be able to upgrade for free before the release of FIFA 22. FIFA 21 is also due to arrive on Google Stadia later but has no date.

Those who purchase the Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition will be able to play FIFA 21 early on October 6.

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