Elden Ring: 10 Ruins To Loot As Soon As Possible

In keeping with being a nation scarred by apocalyptic demigod war, Elden Ring's Lands Between are covered in ruins. The remains of villages, forts, and grand houses now lie in pieces. They sit across the landscape, filled with hazards and waiting for you to come and sack the last valuables left inside.

Whilst some have middling loot, others have rather cruel tricks like transporter traps. The Dragon-Burnt Ruins may have forever ruined your ability to trust treasure chests for the rest of the game! On the other hand, more than a few out there are well worth diving into for fun and profit. Some contain useful items while some hold NPCs, but all will enhance your experience far more than a surprise one-way trip to Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

10 Gatefront Ruins

This one might feel a little obvious, as this collection of broken-down buildings – full of Godrick's minions – is likely to be one of your first stops on your journey. You first meet Melina at the grace nearby, and in the centre of the area is one of the first map pieces to collect. Gatefront also has one of the first sizable enemy groups, and in trying to avoid the knight there turning your Tarnished into a paste, it can be easy to run off without the Whetstone Knife.

The Whetstone Knife lets you use Ashes of War to change your weapon skills, which is an absolutely invaluable option to have. You can also pick up the Storm Stomp Ash Of War to try. There are even some weapons to snatch up, with the Flail and the Lordsworn's Greatsword on the carriages parked there.

9 Waypoint Ruins

Another area that you're likely to run into early. At low levels, you might be put off from going too far in because there are some big angry flowers on top, and this may be compounded by having to fight a Mad Pumpkinhead in the cramped space of the cellar.

Getting through it is well worth the effort if you are considering taking up some sorcery. Beyond the boss, you can find Sorceress Sellen, likely the first magic tutor you're going to find, who has her own questline to follow later on. It's less essential for non-magical Tarnished, though the questline is interesting enough that you might want to stick around anyway.

8 Caelum Ruins

One of the areas you're likely to run into early during your first forays into the hellscape of Caelid, there are a lot of good reasons you might miss the Caelum Ruins. They are full of exploding zombies, there are multiple flame chariots on patrol around the area, and getting to the treasure chest involves fighting two Mad Pumpkin Heads. With flaming weapons. In a tiny cellar.

If you persevere with this terrifying place, however, you will find the Visage Shield. It is a massive greatshield in the shape of a fire giant's face, and it is also a flamethrower. Who could ask for more? Keep in mind it needs 44 strength to even use, so it may not be for everyone, but it's definitely an enjoyable armament to mess around with.

7 Purified Ruins

Just off the Liurnia Highway you can find the Purified Ruins, yet another set of destroyed buildings. Breaking into the cellar here will yield a chest containing the Two Fingers Heirloom. This talisman increases Faith by five, very useful if you have some incantations that you can't quite make use of.

If you've happened to help the would-be maiden Hyetta at the Lake-Facing Cliffs, you may find her here. She asks for another Shabriri Grape, and as luck would have it, you can find one in the ruins. Given the nature of the supposed fruit in question, giving her another one is a bit morally questionable, but then again maybe in your playthrough that's the whole point.

6 Writheblood Ruins

Sat on the Altus Plateau, Writheblood Ruins don't give a very welcoming impression. There is a giant dark red slime that tries to run blades through you in one of the buildings, and smaller cousins of this monster all over the area. Some are clinging to the higher walls, so watch your step.

Descending below will throw you into a boss fight with a Sanguine Noble, who is very eager with the bleed damage. Defeating this unfriendly individual will reveal a chest containing the thrusting sword Bloody Helice. In addition to bleed damage, this dexterity weapon has a unique skill, Dynast's Finesse. This skill is reputed to be incredibly effective in PvP, for countering attacks from the rather infamous Rivers Of Blood Katana.

5 Mistwood Ruins

Sat inside the Mistwood, in the East of Limgrave, you may want to tread carefully in the Mistwood Ruins. In the centre of the place is a sleeping Runebear, surrounded by Trina's Lillies. On top of the highest point of the walls is Blaidd the Half-Wolf. If you want to get started on Ranni's questline, you will want to talk to Blaidd by getting the 'finger snap' gesture from Merchant Kalé. Disturbing the Runebear before that is liable to throw Blaidd off his perch, and he may hold that against you.

Once the half-wolf has moved on, you can easily sneak past the bear, or fight it to get your hands on the Axe Talisman in the ruins' cellar, a talisman that boosts charged attacks.

4 Woodfolk Ruins

Sitting under the Minor Erdtree in the centre of the Altus Plateau, the Woodfolk Ruins might not be a very attractive area to visit at first glance. This is mostly because the place is infested with big, deathblight-spewing abominations called Wormfaces.

If you can either dispatch or avoid the creepy things lurking around the old walls, there's a lot that's worth picking up. You can find the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [19] which lets you craft the healing Warming Stones, you can find a Larval Tear for respecs with Rennala, and also the Icon Shield, a greatshield that regenerates health while equipped. Useful!

3 Perfumer's Ruins

On the west end of the Altus Plateau you can find the Perfumer's Ruins, which lives up to its name. You are likely to find yourself getting into a fight with not only a Perfumer or two, but a fully armed Omen Killer – and lots of angry flowers as well.

It looks like the Perfumers have built a little laboratory in the area, as you'll find lots of equipment. One of the rare and sought-after perfume bottles can be found here, as well as the Perfumer's Cookbook [1] which lets you make Spark Aromatic, and Uplifting Aromatic. There's even the Perfumer's Talisman, which will increase the damage of offensive Aromatics. You may as well also pick up the Omenkiller set while you're here.

2 Street Of Sages Ruins

As somewhere sat right in the middle of the scenic Swamp of Aeonia, full of scarlet rot and fungus-men, you might need a very good reason to be poking about round here. If you're playing a sorcerer build, there most definitely is. You will be able to pick up the Meteorite Staff and the powerful sorcery Rock Sling from amongst the deadly swamp water.

The Meteorite Staff is an extremely solid staff with an S scaling in Intelligence and a damage boost for gravity magic. That is especially useful, as Rock Sling is a gravity spell that hits like a train.

1 Lux Ruins

Near the Grand Lift of Dectus on the Altus Plateau, you can find the Lux Ruins. They're swarming with Demi-Humans, so the boss waiting downstairs won't come as a big shock. Beneath the ruins, you'll find a Demi-Human Queen, and after a fairly easy fight, you'll be treated to a handy little talisman.

The Ritual Sword Talisman gives you a nice damage boost, provided you are at full health. Depending on the nature of a fight, it may let you finish it quickly at best, or at least let you start off with a good buff at worst.

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