Elden Ring: 8 Most Notable References And Easter Eggs

Elden Ring is the newest title launched by FromSoftware, and its most defining characteristic is that it is staggering, both in terms of the map size and location diversity throughout. From the numerous NPC quests to the powerful bosses you face, there's always something else to explore in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring became a cultural phenomenon overnight, and it happens to pay homage to many different pillars of pop culture — from anime to Disney. With so much to see, it's good to discover the many easter eggs and references you might have missed while participating in maiden-less activities.

8 The Return Of Patches

The beauty of this first entry is that it's the type of easter egg that fans of FromSoftware will love, but those hopping into Elden Ring unattached won't be blindsided or confused by it. Patches is a reoccurring character throughout FromSoftware's games, and he serves as a trolling character who likes to prank and manipulate you as the player.

To encounter him as early as possible you must make your way to Murkwater Cave, located near the center of Limgrave's main river. Navigate through the cave until you come across a large room with a chest, and he'll appear upon you trying to open said chest. Patches will engage you in a boss fight, where you can either kill him or offer him mercy when he reaches half health. Sparing him opens a merchant shop where you can buy and sell things from him.

7 Bloodborne Weapons

Fans and critics of FromSoftware often argue if their reusing of assets is a genius and efficient workaround or 'lazy', with the latter being a hyperbolic generalization that holds no true weight. In Elden Ring there are reoccurring elements that may sound, look, or feel familiar, with one prominent example being the Ghiza's Wheel weapon.

Fans of Bloodborne will recognize that this is the Whirlgig Saw from Bloodborne, and it happens to be one of the higher tier weapons you can wield in all of Elden Ring. Other Bloodborne weapons that have been recognized in the game include the Kirkhammer and Moonlight Greatsword.

6 Guts' Giant Blade

FromSoftware is known for being heavily inspired by the Berserk manga and anime, and has stated it was the primary influence for the Dark Souls trilogy. The dark and gritty fantasy world of Berserk permeates throughout their work, so it's no surprise that they made many references and hid many easter eggs in Elden Ring that relate to characters, locations, and imagery from the legendary series.

The first is the inclusion of the giant sword that Guts wields in Berserk, which is called the Colossal Sword and can be found near the Caelem Ruins. These are located in the Caelid region, just east of the starting area of Limgrave.

5 Blaidd Is Frozen

A FromSoftware-developed game like Elden Ring is likely the last place you'd expect to see a reference or easter egg about Disney or other child-focused entertainment properties. That's why the discovery of a line referring to the Frozen animated movies came as such a shocker.

Upon obtaining Blaidd's armor in Elden Ring, a glance at the item descriptions reveals all. "The pelt serves as a cape, to protect from the cold / Blaidd was the blade of Ranni, but the cold never bothered him anyway." Who knew that the strong, capable warrior of half-wolf descent had so much in common with Elsa, the powerful, magically gifted princess from another universe.

4 A Blasphemous Weapon

Among all of the easter eggs and references on this list, this entry will likely be the most niche of the bunch. In 2019, developer The Game Kitchen released a 2D Soulslike Metroidvania game titled Blasphemous, that was heavily inspired by the works of FromSoftware.

The Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring is a weapon granted for defeating the God-Devouring Serpent near Volcano Manor. Not only does this weapon feature the name of the previously mentioned indie title, but it looks an awful lot like the sword that the game's main character wields. It's likely that FromSoftware enjoyed a game they inspired the creation of, and wanted to return the favor in showing their appreciation. It's wonderful to see!

3 Griffith's Prisoner Helmet

When gamers first saw the default armor for the Prisoner starting class, most felt as though it was a reference to Hollywood movie The Man in the Iron Mask and the true story that inspired it. On closer inspection, it seems like it's more similar in design to a helmet seen in Berserk.

During a part of the story Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawks, is found and rescued from capture and torture. At this point, he was locked into a helmet of a similar appearance, which helped disguise the awful damage his face took during his ordeal.

2 Iconic Berserk Stance

Players can first meet the half-wolf warrior, Blaidd, in several locations, with the most common being him sitting at the top of a dilapidated building in the Mistwood Ruins. He's seen perched in a stance that feels all too familiar, and that's because it's the famous stance Guts is seen standing in during the Boat arc of the Berserk manga.

With Guts wielding a wolf-looking helmet by this point, and Blaidd having the head of a wild canine, the silhouette matches up almost perfectly between the two. Just another example of FromSoftware being infatuated with the world of Berserk.

1 Game of Thrones Sword

George R.R. Martin, in addition to being a key selling point in Elden Ring's marketing, served as a lead consultant and lore builder with FromSoftware. This meant that easter eggs and references to his beloved Game of Thrones series were all but expected.

There's a sword you obtain for defeating Leonine Misbegotten in Castle Morne, one that resembles the iconic throne from Game of Thrones. Its design features a large blade made of smaller swords that all sit on the same hilt. It's so similar to the throne from the book and television series that there's almost no doubt that the parallel between the two wasn't 100 percent intentional.

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