Elden Ring: A Complete Guide To Multiplayer

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  • Differences From Previous From Software Titles
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The Lands Between feature some of the toughest challenges From Software fans have faced yet. You're going to need all of the help you can get. Spirits and Ashes of War will certainly help, but nothing can top the sheer power of jolly cooperation. Conversely, few things are as excillerating as invading other hosts to ruin their day.

Elden Ring's multiplayer component supports cooperative play, PvP invasions, and gives the community tools to ease the summoning woes present in previous installments. In this guide, we'll be going over how to summon allies for co-op, invade other players for some PvP action, and how to use Elden Ring's plethora of multiplayer items to enhance your experience.

Differences From Previous From Software Titles

Newer players should skip to the next section.

If you've keenly familiar with how multiplayer works in Dark Souls or Bloodborne, here are the most notable differences between those titles and Elden Ring:

  • You cannot be invaded by other players while playing solo. Players need to opt into invasions by using the Taunter's Tongue item.
    • AI phantoms can still invade solo players during certain sections of the game.
  • Elden Ring borrows most multiplayer elements from Dark Souls 3.
    • Summong band is based on your character level and most upgraded weapon.
    • Invasion matchmaking biases hosts with co-op phantoms.
    • Phantoms have half as many flask charges.
    • You cannot use your mount while phantoms are in your world, friendly or otherwise.
    • Summoning pools have been added to certain dungeons, making summoning signs easier to find.
    • Passwords return from DS3, and group passwords have been added to make community events easier to organize.
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      How To Play Co-op

      Elden Ring has a strange way of handling co-op when compared to other RPGs. Cooperative play requires two things:

      1. A summoning sign.
      2. Someone to activate your summoning sign.

      Right after you active the first Shrine of Grace in the tutorial, you'll find a corpse with a Tarnished's Furled Finger. Using the Tarnished's Furled Finger will create a summoning sign, allowing other players to summon you to their world. Hosts will then need to activate your summoning sign in their world to summon you. Once you're summoned, you should be good to go.

      Gold summoning signs are cooperative players. Red summoning signs are players looking to PvP.

      There are a few caveats to playing co-op in Elden Ring:

      • Once you defeat a boss, all summoned phantoms will be sent to their worlds. You'll need to resummon them if you wish to play co-op again.
      • While you have allied phantoms in your world, there's a chance that an enemy player will invade you. Invasions are PvP encounters with other players.
      • You cannot use your mount or spirits while playing multiplayer.
      • Phantoms have their flask uses cut in half, rounded down.
      • You won't always find your ally's summon sign when it's placed.
        • You can fix this by having both players use the same password.
      • Large level disparities between players can prevent summoning signs from appearing.
        • You can fix this by having both players use the same password.
        • You can have two allied phantoms present at any moment. Beyond that rather lengthy list of restrictions, playing co-op works as you'd expect. Phantoms can use buff spells to affect their allies, draw attention from enemies, and assist with killing bosses.

          Using Passwords

          Normally, the summoning signs you find in the world are pulled at random. To ensure that your friends can see one another's summoning signs, you can use passwords. Setting up a password is trivial:

          1. Press Escape (PC) or Start (consoles) to open a menu selection screen.
          2. Select "Multiplayer."
          3. Press "F" (PC), "Y" (Xbox), or "Triangle" (PlayStation) to open an advanced settings menu.
          4. Enter your multiplayer or group password.

          Passwords do not impact invasions. You can still be invaded by players without a matching password.

          Your password will remain active until you change it, even if you restart the game. Elden Ring also has group passwords meant to help community members organize events with one another. Should you enter a group password, you'll be more likely to encounter summoning signs, messages, and bloodstains from players with the same group password.

          Martyr Effigies

          Certain dungeons and zones in Elden Ring feature Martyr Effigies that congregate all summoning signs into a unified pool. You can interact with these statues to display summoning signs from that pool. Playes can add themselves into this pool by using the Small Golden Effigy item in their inventory. Use this item a second time to withdraw your summoning sign from the Martyr Effigy.

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          How To Invade (PvP)

          Invading another player's world is much simpler than playing co-op. Use a Blistering Bloody Finger consumable to invade another player's world. Once in their world, your objective is to kill the player host; you don't need to kill their accompanying phantoms.

          Similar to co-op, PvP does have some restrictions:

          • All players (including invaders) can't use mounts or spirits.
          • Phantom flask charges are halved.
          • AI enemies won't attack invading players.
          • Invading players cannot enter boss arenas.

          Remember, solo players must opt-in to invasions. You'll almost always be outnumbered. Plan accordingly.

          You won't have as much healing as the host, but you will have the element of surprise. Use every tool at your disposable to defeat the host. Should they defeat the boss of the area, you'll be sent back to your world.

          Countering Invasions

          If you like to play co-op and want to counter enemy invasions, you can use a White Cipher Ring to summon other players to your aid when invaded. Only one player (deonted by their blue phantom glow) can be summoned this way. Should you wish to help other players fend off against invaders, you can use a Blue Cipher Ring to automatically be transported to worlds that are currently being invaded. Both items can be obtained at Roundtable Hold, a hub area unlocked a few hours into your playthrough.

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          Writing Messages

          You might have noticed some strange messages scrawled on the floor throughout your adventure. These are messages left by fellow players. Messages allow you to combine multiple words and clauses into a short string, allowing you to denote danger or troll fellow players. And just like summoning signs, you can create your own messages for others to find. Players can also rate messages they find in the world.

          Creating a message requires the Tarnished's Wizend Finger consumable, a mandatory item you'll find in the Chapel of Anticipation. Use this item to create a short message at your current location. Players in other worlds can then read your message and choose to rate it positively or negatively. The message has to be made from predetermined choices, but you have quite a few options. Use messages to warn players of danger, inform them of a nearby item, or trick them into falling off the map. Your messages can be as informative (or mallicous) as you see fit.

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          Multiplayer Items

          There's more to multiplayer in Elden Ring than summoning signs and invasions. There's a whole myriad of items you can use to interact with other players in the Lands Between. Let's go over each multiplayer item in Elden Ring and their purpose:

          PvE Items
          Tarnished's Furled FingerCreates a co-op summoning sign.Found on a corpse near the first Site of Grace. Mandatory to progress.
          Small Golden EffigyAdds your co-op summoning sign to a nearby Martyr's Effigy.Obtained from the first Martyr's Effigy you interact with. You can find one a few steps east of The First Step.
          Tarnished's Wizened FingerWrites a message at your location for others to find.Found at the Chapel of Anticipation. Mandatory to progress.
          White Cipher RingWhile active, a friendly blue phantom will spawn upon being invaded.Sold by the Twin Maiden at Roundtable Hold for 1,000 Runes.
          Blue Cipher RingWhile active, you'll be transported to an invaded world as a blue phantom.Sold by the Twin Maiden at Roundtable Hold for 1,000 Runes.
          PvP Items
          Festering Bloody FingerInvade someone's world. Consumed on use.Speak to White-Faced Varre at Rose Church.
          Bloody FingerInvade someone's world. Has infinite uses.Progress an NPC quest at Rose Church.
          Recusant FingerInvae someone's world. Has a narrative difference to the Bloody Finger.Progress the Volcano Manor questline.
          Duelist's Furled FingerCreates a PvP summoning sign.Found on a corpse in Stormhill Colosseum.
          Small Red EffigyAdds your PvP summoning sign to a nearby Martyr's Effigy.Obtained from the first Martyr's Effigy you interact with. You can find one a few steps east of The First Step.
          Taunter's TongueAllows you to get invaded while playing solo. Reduces ally phantom cap to one. Increases invader phantom cap to two. Lowers the invasion lock-out timer between each invasion.Currently unknown.

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          Summoning Ranges

          To prevent late-game players from stomping on newcomers, Elden Ring has a summoning range system that ensures that players will match with players around their current power level. Elden Ring uses two criteria to determine who you can play with (or against) you:

          1. Your character's current level.
          2. The highest weapon upgrade you've used.

          As you increase your character's level, your potential band of players you can matchmake with shifts higher. Players that are level 100 won't matchmake with level 13 players and vice versa. The same applies for weapon upgrades; someone with a +10 sword won't be in the same pool as new characters. However, players can use passwords to bypass both summoning restrictions for co-op lobbies. Overleveled characters that use passwords will have their stats lowered to match the weakest player in that lobby.

          We don't know the specific matchmaking bands for Elden Ring, but they appear to be similar to Dark Souls 3's summoning ranges. Check the Dark Souls 3 Fextralife Wiki's page on summoning ranges to get a rough idea of how Elden Ring's matchmaking works. We'll update this guide once the community uncovers Elden Ring's summoning range values.

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