Elden Ring Details Revealed In Chinese Beta Test

Last time we found out about an Elden Ring datamine, it leaked several character models, 3000 lines of dialogue, and endgame content. It basically gave away the entire plot of Elden Ring, which might be a little too much information for eager fans to take before the game releases later next month.

This leak isn't quite as severe, but we're still going to warn you about watching it in case you want to head into Elden Ring completely blind. Otherwise, read on to see how a group of clever Chinese dataminers decrypted an in-game map.

YYSTV reposted the below video (which comes courtesy of Eurogamer) with permission from the original Chinese dataminers. That group is currently in the Elden Ring beta test and managed to extract an in-game map from the game files.

The map itself shows what will likely be Elden Ring's playable space, including Limbgrave and the Weeping Peninsula areas. On the map are various rune-like inscriptions that were thought to be just a made-up language, but it turns out that they're actually standardized Yi script of the Liangshan prefecture.

From Software didn't just write on the map using Yi script, however. Instead, the words are Japanese but encoded using the Yi alphabet. Using several known locations and enemies, the Chinese dataminers were able to crack the code and read everything that was written on the map.

It turns out that the Weeping Peninsula is surrounded by four seas: East, West, South, and North (although the North Sea is really to the Northwest). In the North, the map warns of "songs of the lying mermaids," while the channel between Limbgrave and the Weeping Peninsula is guarded by a Kraken. In the East are sea serpents, and the South a swirling maelstrom.

This is all to say that the seas of Elden Ring are dangerous and you shouldn't go there. But what about the land? For that, you can take a look at the video above, but be warned that there will be some slight story spoilers if you do.

Elden Ring arrives on February 25.

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