Elden Ring: How To Complete Irina’s Questline

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  • Finding Irina And Taking The Letter
  • Journey To Castle Morne
  • Defeat Leonine Misbegotten And Retrieve The Sword Of Morne
  • Return To Irina
  • Meet Edgar At The Revengers Shack

As you journey through Elden Ring’s starting area of Limgrave, there are a number of characters that you can come across and help. As is common in open-world games, this beginning area presents you with some shorter quests to help you get to grips with the game’s structure. Irina’s is one such quest.

However, despite this quest's short length, it provides you with several impressive items as you aid a young noble and her father in reclaiming their castle.

Finding Irina And Taking The Letter

Irina can be found in an area of Limgrave known as the Weeping Peninsula. This is south of the region’s main landmass and will require you to cross the Bridge of Sacrifice.

Once the bridge has been crossed, continue down the road until you see a young woman sitting next to a lit lamp and a crumbling wall. This is Irina. Speak with her and learn that her father’s castle has been overrun by vengeful servants and that he has stayed to defend his land.

Irina will also reveal that she is blind, so she cannot return to help her father. For her part, she will hand you a letter and ask that you deliver it to him.

To do so, you will need to head to the castle itself, leaving Irina, defenseless, in the Weeping Peninsula.

Journey To Castle Morne

Once you have received the letter from Irina, you will need to deliver it to her father. He can be found in a castle south of Irinia’s location; it is a hulking structure and is thus hard to miss.

Once in Castle Morne, Irina’s father, Edgar, can be found sitting alone in one of the fortress’ ramparts. Specifically located in the place pictured above, Edgar can be tricky to get to, as the way is blocked by a slew of enemies.

Once you have reached Edgar, speak with him and hand over Irina’s letter. This will, of course, elicit an emotional response from Edgar, as he longs to be with his daughter again. Despite this, Edgar will reveal that he cannot leave Castle Morne until he has recovered his family’s blade.

Defeat Leonine Misbegotten And Retrieve The Sword Of Morne

The next step in this quest will be to fulfill Edgar’s duty for him, thus allowing him to return to his daughter.

To do so, you must defeat this dungeon’s boss, Leonine Misbegotten. This Bloodborne-esque boss can be located at the end of the dungeon, on the shore behind the castle.

For a full guide on how to reach it, check out our Castle Morne dungeon guide.

The Leonine Misbegotten can be a distinctly tough boss in the early game; its quick movements and high damage make him almost feel like a main story boss. However, with some help he can be overcome.

Here are some general tips for defeating the boss:

  • You can summon both Edgar and Spirit Ashes for this fight.
  • Like many bestial bosses, he is weak to fire. Use fire grease.
  • He is quick, make sure your equipment load is medium or light so you can roll effectively.
  • Like a number of bosses in Elden Ring, this one staggers from heavy attacks.

Once you have beaten this boss, you will get the fabled Sword of Morne, otherwise known as the Grafted Greatsword. When you have this item, you can return to Edgar.

Head back to where you first found Edgar and inform him of your victory, he will now abandon the castle and return to Irina.

Return To Irina

Now, reload the area and travel back to where you first met Irina.

Here, tragically, you will find that the vengeful servants that took over the castle killed Irina while she sat waiting for you and her father.

Kneeling over her body will be Edgar. Heartbroken, the noble will swear revenge upon whoever took his daughter from him.

This is the last time you will see Irina. However, the body of this young noble will appear later in the game, taken over by a character named Hyetta.

Meet Edgar At The Revengers Shack

The final part of this tragic story will see you meet a rage-filled Edgar in the area named Liurnia of the Lakes.

Travel along the western cliff side of the lakes until you reach a small location called the Revengers Shack. Here, Edgar will invade you.

Defeat Edgar to receive a powerful Halberd, and an item called a Shabiri Grape, an object that hints at the larger forces at play in Irina’s questline.

With that, you will have completed what is perhaps the most tragic story in Elden Ring, witnessing a father choose duty over the safety of his daughter, and paying the ultimate price.

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