Elden Ring: How To Defeat Cemetery Shade

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Ever heard of the expression "Don't trust your shadow?" Well, Elden Ring took this concept to a whole new level by designing an entire boss battle around fighting a shadow.

As you dive deep into Tombsward Catacombs, you might come across a cemetery that is overlooked by a creepy, dark shadow that is lurking nearby. If for some inexplicable reason you are overcome by the urge to fight this creature — honestly, why would you do that?— don't worry; we got you covered. Here is a comprehensive guide on Cemetery Shade’s attacks and how to build a strategy both for melee and ranged users to beat it.

Cemetery Shade Overview

Cemetery Shade
LocationTombsward Catacombs
SummonsSpirit Ashes
  • 2,200 runes
  • Lhutel the Headless
Weak ToMagic

You will come across Cemetery Shade in an open area in Tombsward Catacombs. It is a shapeless, dark creature that attacks with fast melee hits and will close the distance by disappearing and reappearing in front of you. The Shade's attacks can be blocked even with a fairly low balance, so wait until its last hit to use a guard counter to do a lot of damage.

The Shade will chase you around the small room, so be prepared for melee combat or summon a spirit that will attract aggression.

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Cemetery Shade Attacks


Green orb

If this hits you, you will be stunned. The boss will then try to grab you and stab you. This is the only ranged attack that you need to look out of.

Counter: Try to stay at a distance when you see a green circle form on its head and keep rolling away to dodge the orb.


Cemetery shade will do two sword swings and then open his arms. What follows is a wild flail that can inflict a lot of damage, so keep your distance.

Counter: Roll away, parry or block. Then counter-attack. When it opens its arms, it is a good idea to land one or two blows before rolling away,

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The first thing you should notice is that Cemetery shade is pretty low on HP. Your biggest issue is that it can kill you quickly. Be very careful because seriously, it can crush you in a heartbeat. It teleports like some spirit-type enemies. It will come at you, throw a hail of stabs, retreat, and repeat.

However, it has one extremely weak point: it is very easy to parry. If you can afford to take a hit, just throw the parry at random, and you have every chance to deflect its hit and counterattack. It won't hold more than one or two hits.

Melee Strategy

Feel like attacking head-on? That's fine. Just make sure you have a shield with 100 percent physical resistance and be ready to block your way through this fight. Once you have done so, be quick to land one to three blows. Parrying is also an option, but missing could potentially lead to Blood Loss.

Ranged Strategy

Good news for ranged users: Cemetery Shade only has one ranged attack. That means that you can avoid its melee barrage and deal hits from far away. Be sure to summon spirits to tank out the fight while you focus on inflicting damage. Wolves or any skeletal group will be able to do a lot of damage. Since the Shadow generally focuses on an enemy for attacks, spirits can generate aggression or cause damage while blocking or dodging attacks.

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Here are some basic tips for this boss battle:

  • Stock up on HP consumables before heading into the battle.
  • Keep moving constantly and avoid getting caught in its orb.
  • Watch your stamina and make sure it says up.
  • Master your parrying ability.

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