Elden Ring: How To Get Grave Glovewort

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One of the coolest additions to the Soulsborne formula in Elden Ring, is the introduction of Spirit Ashes. Essentially NPC summons that you can bring with you everywhere, these spectral soul mates can really help turn the tide in an otherwise insurmountable battle. What’s more, you pick up new Ash all the time.

The only downside to this influx in Spirit Ash is the resources required to level them up. You have so many ghosts to play with, that you are certainly going to run out of the various Gloveworts required to keep them valid as you progress through the game. Thankfully, Elden Ring has you covered, and Glovewort can be found in a number of ways.

What Is Glovewort?

In Elden Ring, there are two types of GlovewortGrave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort. Of the two, Grave Glovewort is much more common and is required to upgrade your standard Spirit Ashes. These tend to be generic ashes, often composed of multiple weaker spirits.

Ghost Glovewort on the other hand is rarer and is required to upgrade the more powerful – often named – Spirit Ash known as Renowned Spirit Ash. Renowned Spirit Ash is then split again into Renowned, Legendary, and Puppet categories, but all of these are upgraded with Ghost Glovewort.

How To Get Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort

Being a plant, you’d think it would be pretty easy to find Glovewort in and around the open world of Elden Ring. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Glovewort, in all of its incarnations, can only be found in a few places, and these places tend to be rather challenging.

Catacombs And Hero Graves

Scattered in the hills and mountains of The Lands Between are Catacombs and Heroes Graves. You can find your first Hero Grave before you even leave the tutorial area, and your first catacomb is less than a minute away from your first furtive steps into Limgrave.

These dungeons are filled with Imps, Skeletons, traps, and puzzles. This makes them incredibly dangerous, but the loot on offer is equally lucrative. Not only will you find all manner of Ash within these hallowed halls, but you’ll also find Glovewort in abundance.

The further you venture into the game, the better the Glovewort, but the earliest dungeons are worth a gander as Glovewort is generally hard to come by – even the most common of the bunch.

Catacombs are breeding grounds for Skeletons which can a daunting foe for new players. This is, in part, due to their ability to stand back up once you have killed them. The easiest way to kill a skeleton permanently is to hit its bones again, before it gets back up. If a Skeleton has a black aura, this won't work however, and you will need to find the Necromancer who is animating them.

The Eternal Cities

There are two Eternal Cities in Elden Ring, Nokron and Nokstella. These are mid(ish) to late game zones that will push your skills to the test. Large, overlapping cities filled to the brim with monsters and surrounded on all sides with death drops. Venturing to these locales is daunting, to say the least.

High-ranking Grave and Ghost Glovewort can be found in abundance here, however. If you want the strongest Ash, then you simply can’t avoid these two areas. Not only that, but they are also home to some very powerful items that will make the gathering process so much easier – Bell Bearings.

Bell Bearings

Like with Smithing Stones, you are able to find valuable Bell Bearings that will allow you to buy Glovewort from the Roundtable Hold. Finding these items is of utmost importance, as having even the entry-level Bell Bearing will open up new experimentation options.

To give you a leg up when it comes to locating these elusive balls, we have a guide that walks you through how to find every Bell Bearing in Elden Ring.

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