Elden Ring Modder Has Turned The Lands Between Into A Silent Hill-Esque Nightmare

Elden Ring is a terrifying experience at the best of times, as powerful foes roam The Lands Between looking to separate your limbs from your body. That's why you have to worry about someone's wellbeing when they go out of their way to make the game harder and spookier than FromSoftware intended it to be. However, that's exactly what modder Matt Gruen has done for Twitch streamer LilAggy by turning Elden Ring into a Silent Hill-esque nightmare world.

First shared by LilAggy on their personal Twitter account (thanks GamesRadar), the streamer has given fans a little snippet of Gruen's mod in action, in all its horrifying glory. For starters, the Consecrated Snowfield blizzard effect that players encounter up in the Mountaintop of the Giants is applied permanently, giving The Lands Between a foggy feel that stops you from seeing a few meters in front of you.

To make things even scarier, the entire HUD is also disabled, leaving you completely clueless as to how much health, stamina, and items you have equipped. To top it all off, enemies have been completely randomized, meaning that you're stumbling about in the fog, no idea how much health or how many Sacred Flasks you have left, with no idea what's around the next corner. Sounds fun!

Elden Ring may have launched way back in February, but fans have still been finding new ways to play and making new discoveries almost eight months later. For example, one fan recently discovered that killing Morgott actually cures him of his curse, although he doesn't really get to benefit on account of him being dead and all. Another fan also recently gave players a look at Blackguard Big Boggart's face for the first time and to say that players were immediately lusting after him is an understatement.

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