Elden Ring Overview Trailer Reveals Origins Of The Tarnished

Elden Ring arrives later this week from the beautiful mind of George R. R. Martin and the equally beautiful developers at FromSoftware. Promising a combination of open-world exploration and Dark Souls-style combat, Elden Ring is perhaps the most hotly anticipated game of the season in an already tightly-packed month of game releases.

Today, publisher Bandai Namco released what will likely be Elden Ring's final trailer which provides a general overview of everything a new player would need to know to get the most out of their journey.

The trailer starts with the origins of the Tarnished, the group of heroes that returned to the Lands Between after the Elden Ring was shattered. Banished long ago, the Tarnished have returned to defeat the fallen Demigods of the past, restore the Elden Ring, and be crowned the Elden Lord.

Your particular Tarnished can look like anything, take skills from a number of different classes, and use whatever weapons or armor you happen to find in your travels. The Lands Between is a massive open-world with many secrets and even more enemies to defeat. You'll find more of both in the various dungeons that interlace The Lands Between, bringing even more Dark Souls-style gameplay thanks to their clever and intricate designs.

Players can take their own path through The Lands Between, engaging or retreating from enemies as they please. FromSoftware says this will make Elden Ring feel a lot more approachable than Dark Souls as players can always choose to avoid combat and return later after they've gained more skills or more powerful items to defeat whatever monster blocks their path.

But the biggest monster blocking players from Elden Ring might not be in the game at all. Elden Ring's PC requirements reveal a need for silicon that some Steam players might not be able to achieve. An Nvidia GTX 1070 is just slightly above the average CPU in Steam's most recent hardware survey, and with the ongoing chip shortage, finding an upgrade at MSRP is still almost impossible.

Elden Ring arrives on PC and consoles on February 25.

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