Elden Ring Player Brings Melina To The Beginning To Prove They Aren’t Maidenless

Elden Ring has a gruelling start. You (likely) die to the first boss, get chucked into a pit full of old knights, and then get called maidenless by some prick on a hill. It's no wonder that he became an overnight meme sensation as Elden Ring's answer to "No bitches?" Nearly a year later, and somebody has decided to show him up by bringing Melina all the way back to the start to meet him.

It's like being bullied by your mates at school for being single then showing up in your 20s with your partner – Varre really doesn't care. He just stands there, awkwardly watching with his little handsy pose.

It's unclear if this is Melina's first time meeting the Tarnished or if it's simply SilentSnows summoning her at the grace out of spite. If it's the first time meeting the Tarnished, SilentSnows may have done this by avoiding the first grace altogether, and then triggering two other sites before looping back to make this their third, triggering Melina's appearance. Otherwise, there's an option to summon her from the menu, and given that the grace is right in shot of Varre, it makes for the perfect middle finger.

"Oh yes, Tarnished, are we?" Varre says. "Come to the Lands Between for the Elden Ring, hm? Of course you have, no shame in it. Unfortunately for you, however, you are maidenless. Without guidance, without the strength of runes, and without the invitation to the Roundtable Hold, you are fated, it seems, to die in obscurity."

Essentially, he says, "No bitches? You're gonna die a nobody, cya bud." And then off you trot to – very likely – die to a knight on a horse guarding a church. But if you keep trotting along, you'll eventually meet Melina who gives you your own mount, takes you to the Rountable Hold, and helps you burn everything down.

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