Elden Ring Players Think Canoe Boys Could Be Kratos And Atreus Or Frodo And Sam

Here at TheGamer we love outlandish fan theories. The ones so absurd they just might be true. Well, one has just appeared on Reddit. Many Elden Ring players have noticed a drawing on the game's map of a man and a boy in a canoe, heading to the Lands Between. Just who are these intrepid explorers?

The most upvoted theory is that it's Kratos and Atreus, on their way to slay another pantheon of gods. They'd better hurry though, as the Tarnished will have killed most of the old and new gods before they arrive if they don't hurry.

Another great theory is that it's Sam and Frodo. They heard about another legendary Ring to rule over all and decided they just couldn't let that stand. There is that tower on the way to Leyndell that looks a bit like the Eye of Sauron too, now that we think about it. One Elden Ring mod lets you become Sauron, so maybe that's why they're popping over.

One player was more practical and asked if anyone had looked over in their direction from the Site of Grace at the very bottom tip of the Weeping Penninsula. One player said you could faintly make out a shipwreck there.

A meta take on it is that it's "That’s GRRM and Miyazaki sailing and writing the lore for the DLC." It's cute to image the two sitting down together and having out ideas, though they probably just spoke over a Zoom meeting a few times.

One player simply stated "That is the proverbial little man in the canoe." No lore, no thoughts, head empty. Just little man in the canoe. There is a very good chance it's just a drawing made to make the map more interesting, but given FromSfotware's penchant for environmental storytelling, the answer could be anywhere in the game or in item descriptions.

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