Elden Ring Players Think The Fingerslayer Blade Is Made From Ranni’s Left Hand

Something you might not know about Ranni is that she's not using her original body. In fact, the Ranni we meet is possessing a doll, with her actual body left dead in the Divine Tower. That's interesting in its own right, but something duffry has pointed out on the Elden Ring subreddit is that her corpse is missing its left hand.

There are a few theories, but one of the more convincing assumptions is that her hand was used to create the Fingerslayer Blade, which is described as having been "born of a corpse". According to the description, "This blood-drenched fetish is proof of the high treason committed by the Eternal City and symbolizes its downfall."

Weapons being made from corpses is not uncommon in Elden Ring, as we see the same with the Sacred Relic Sword which was "wrought from the remains of a god who should have lived a life eternal."

The less interesting possibility is that Ranni's hand (and, as you can see in the post embedded above, foot) simply crumbled away when her corpse was burned. This certainly makes sense – natural decomposition is, well… natural. But Elden Ring and other Soulsborne titles are very purposeful when it comes to environmental storytelling and usually use important corpses or objects to signify larger meaning, typically relating to other hints in-game.

Whether we'll ever find out the answer, or if this really is just a nothingburger theory, is unclear, but there are plenty of other ideas as to where the hand went. One user, Gorgosen, put forward that Black Knife traitors might have taken it to grow their own Five Fingers – those giant beings we find dead across The Lands Between or hiding in places like the Roundtable Hold.

ZanyZack has a more plausible idea, which is that the missing hand is the one she held the Rune of Death fragment in, and that the force of using it was so great that it blew her hand off. Whatever the case, it's certainly telling that a vaguely detailed corpse in Elden Ring is enough to spark so much discussion.

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