Elden Ring Streamer Defeats Margit Using A Dance Mat

Elden Ring players are a different breed. As if playing what is already an incredibly difficult game isn't hard enough, some people choose to play through The Lands Between in a variety of even more challenging ways. None more so than MissMikkaa who has now beaten Margit using a dance mat.

The streamer's latest accomplishment is even more impressive than it sounds. Earlier this week we reported MissMikkaa was attempting to beat two copies of Elden Ring at the same time. A seemingly impossible task already, MissMikkaa made it even more difficult by playing one copy on a controller and another on a dance mat.

The streamer has been playing both copies simultaneously, meaning when she happens upon one boss, she is technically faced with two of them. That's why her latest accomplishment during her most recent run, beating Margit with a dance mat, is even more impressive because she also beat the intimidating Souls boss with a controller at the same time. Seriously, it's hard enough just doing the latter, let alone the added task of dancing your way around the boss at the same time.

You can check out a trimmed-down version of MissMikkaa's latest achievement above, along with footage of her beating two Godricks at the same time too, just in case you weren't already feeling inferior enough about your own Elden Ring prowess. Her Ultimate Challenge run began last Saturday, and you can check MissMikkaa out on Twitch if you want to keep up to date on how it goes and whatever wild challenge she sets herself next.

Despite launching ten months ago, Elden Ring has been making a lot of headlines in the past two weeks. Not only was it officially named Game of the Year, but it also received a PvP colosseum update. An update MissMikkaa has been playing with a dance mat by the way, because of course she has.

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