Elite Dangerous And The World Next Door Are Free On Epic Games Store – That Rhymed!

Alright, no more rhyming–it’s time to get down to business. You want free games, Epic has free games, and this week they’ve got two great games to add to your burgeoning library.

First up, Elite Dangerous. This is the space sim game that Star Citizen fans wish they were playing but for some reason can’t bring themselves to play a real space simulator game instead of a pyramid scheme disguised as one. Originally released in 2015, Elite Dangerous has continued to get expansion after expansion adding new content and features so that it went from being a mere space-based dogfighter into an honest-to-goodness simulation of what it might be like to have a career as a space-faring mercenary.

Odyssey will come out sometime in early 2021 and bring planetary exploration, giving Elite Dangerous an element of No Man’s Sky. The Horizon expansion has even folded into the main game last October, so you’re getting even better value if you start playing now. With over 4.3 million units sold as of January 2019, you’ll find plenty of friendly and not-so-friendly pilots in the Milky Way.

Epic’s other free game is indie darling The World Next Door. From Rose City Games and published by Viz Media, The World Next Door combines elements of match-3 puzzle games, visual novels, and classic RPGs with a cutesy anime-style aesthetic that just absolutely screams with charm.

In The World Next Door, you play as Jun, a rebellious teen that gets transported to a parallel dimension where everyone is a monster. No, we mean literally–they’ve got horns and wings and pointy teeth. One dude just has a flaming skull for a head.

To fit in, Jun puts on a kitsune mask and learns how to cast magic spells by matching three runes on a battle tile. She also gets a weird sword to defend herself, which she’ll need to do frequently in this dangerous other realm.

Also, everyone is in high school. Because teen drama.

You can grab both Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door for zero dollars, zero cents, and zero commitment. Just download the Epic Games Store app and hit the “add to library” button on the home page.

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