Elite Dangerous Players Are Using Star Maps To Draw Dongs And Memes

Elite Dangerous – the space game we all want to play because it looks absolutely gorgeous, but don't play because we have no idea where to start – players are finding new ways to have fun while they traverse the galaxy. Thanks to new heat maps that show where players have traveled, pilots are merging their artistic and comedic skills to draw dicks and memes among the stars.

The Elite Dangerous Star Map allows people to see where they've been in a cool way. The more your ship has flown a specific route, the 'hotter' it is on the map. Naturally, this will mean direct routes will be brighter, and more roundabout trips will be darker.

Give people the ability to draw and it's only a (very small) matter of time before they draw dicks. Thankfully, we have moved on from finding dicks the only funny thing to draw, and some players have used these heat maps to recreate popular memes and video game characters.

That's the angry woman shouting at an incredulous cat meme right there. What is it people say? "Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you'll land among the stars." Speaking of being among the stars, there's also an Among Us crewmate there – or is it an imposter? No one can tell.

For any would-be space pilots out there, you'll be happy to learn that Elite Dangerous is currently a whopping 75 percent off on Steam, available for just £5. For just a fiver you can paint the stars with whatever you want. And, if we're all being honest with ourselves, that'll probably be dicks.

Although this is all in good fun, and players seem to be loving Elite Dangerous, its recent Odyssey expansion wasn't met with much praise. The launch issues were so serious that the CEO of Frontier – the game's developer – apologised for the state of it.

Still, don't let that deter you – space is unpredictable, as are game launches. We have a beginner pilot guide for anyone who wants to hop in a starship for the first time so that they can make their mark – and spread their memes – on the Galaxy.

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