Entire Warzone Team Axed From $250k Twitch Event For Alleged Cheating

The Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Warzone event might be over now, with a winner announced and cash being dolled out to those involved, but on January 21, it hit a controversial hitch. During the penultimate round, METZY_B, kryptic_j0ker, and Unifyz were disqualified.

“Based on the evidence submitted from various sources in and out of the tournament. [Twitch] determined that [their] gameplay was unnatural beyond a reasonable doubt,” host Caleb Simmons stated.

Tommey, who spends a lot of his YouTube channel analyzing Warzone plays to see if the player in question is hacking, disagreed that the behavior of the trio was strange, as he claimed that there wasn’t enough evidence against the alleged cheater, Metzy_B.

The next match went on with one less team. However, money was on the line, and Twitch revealed that the trio was in the running for the prize of $45,000 which naturally sparked outrage on Twitter given how very nearly the trio went home with the prize pool. Some stated that alleged cheaters getting so close shows that the anti-cheat system needs revamped, while many who spoke out against METZY_B deleted their Tweets as further information came to light.

METZY_B joined Tommey’s Discord call, showing his PC, programs he had been using, etc., all in an attempt to prove to the world of Call of Duty that he was innocent. An effective anti-cheat would better handle situations like this, as there’s no doubt that human error could have played a large role in his disqualification which he may very well not have deserved.

Players are once again demanding that Activision revise its anti-cheat system and improve it all together, as some critics claim that it is making tournaments impossible. Without an improvement, it’s down to human judgment on whether somebody is cheating while hacking and cheating runs rampant in general games and has since Warzone’s launch. How many of these scenarios it will take to drive that point home to Activision is, unfortunately, unclear.

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