Epic Reveals Exclusive Axe of Champions Item For Fortnite Champion Series Winners

The stakes have just been upped in Fortnite as Epic Games has revealed the new in-game trophy for future winners of the Champion Series, known as FNCS. The “Axe of Champions” is currently exclusive to current FNCS champions, but will be passed on in the coming weeks as new players take those ranks.

Those who exhibit the skills needed to place among the top players in the world will find themselves the proud (albeit temporary) owners of this great-looking harvesting tool. Much like the current “owners,” they will have the Axe of Champions to use until the next FNCS takes place, and again a new set of champions will take up the trophy.

The timing of the announcement is perfect, as May 9 marks the beginning of the FNCS with $2 million in prizes on the line. The best players in the world will compete over three weekends, with individual prizes and standings awarded weekly. These changes mark a shift in the competition from last year where the matches took place over a single weekend.

With so few players able to wield this flashy trophy at once (roughly 28 players in total,) it would be a rare sight to even catch glimpse of the harvester in-game. If ever you see this being swung around, the best idea might be to turn around and head in the opposite direction – or prepare to go out in a blaze of glory!

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