EQQO Walkthrough – Chapters 1 & 2

EQQO is a puzzle game where the player has to direct a blindfolded boy around the game world, while also keeping a giant egg safe. The game has some tricky puzzles, which is why TheGamer has created this helpful guide to see you through to the ending.

The puzzles in EQQO generally involve repeated elements, so we will describe them using the following phrases: Egg Door (the door you need to bring the egg too in order to reach the next map), Head Statue (a statue with a mouth that Eqqo needs to put his hand in), Fresco (an obscured part of the scenery that the player needs to clean), and Contraption (a device that Eqqo needs to put the egg in so that it can be used to reflect light).

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Chapter 1

Map 1

The first map is pretty easy and it mostly exists to teach the player the controls.

Map 2

Approach the temple. Eqqo is too light to activate the pressure plate in front of it. Simply move the view to the right, allowing the player to move the stone slab with the yellow rope onto the plate.

Map 3

The player needs to throw a weapon at the circular plate above the door on the screen. Move to the camera to the left to see a spear. Grab the spear and toss it at the plate. Remove the spear from the giant serpent’s body to receive an egg. Tap the egg for Eqqo to pick it up and the serpent will knock a column down to make a bridge. Cross the bridge and head left.

Map 3

Head over to the pressure plate in the north. Eqqo should be heavy enough to step on it now he has the egg. This will cause a slab with an aged fresco to appear. Use the touchscreen to wipe the dirt from it. Follow the sign’s directions and pass through the doorway with the bells on it. In the next area, change the view and go close to the temple. Rub off the four frescos to reveal different bell melodies. Change the view again to reveal the area behind the frescos. Have Eqqo put his hand in the head statue, revealing a wheel. Spin the wheel to create a bridge and cross it. Go back to the initial area and step on the pressure plate, causing four bells to be revealed. Ring the bells in the numbers hinted by the frescoes (each has 1-4 dots), causing a mechanism to be revealed across the bridge. Put the egg in the mechanism to open the door and order Eqqo to go through it.

Chapter 2

Map 4

Enter the chamber and switch perspective. Find the column with the yellow rope on it and pull it off its base. Pull the column over to the pressure place, causing the egg to reappear near the entrance. Go to the door on the far end of the room and have Eqqo put the egg in the egg door.

Map 5

The player will enter a room with a massive grate. Eqqo can pass through the bars by leaving the egg behind. Run to the next room and have Eqqo put his hand in the head statue, causing a chain to lower. Have Eqqo go back and pick up the egg and run to the door behind the statue head. Put the egg in the egg door.

Map 6

In the new room, have Eqqo step on the plate to reveal a plate. Switch views and spin the plate. Eqqo will run into a trap across the bridge, so flip the level to unlock it and bring the egg to the egg door.

Map 7

In the next room, shadows will try to steal the egg if it’s left unprotected. You can grab rocks from a nearby nest and toss them at the shadows to keep them away. Switch view and pull the column onto the plate, opening up a secret statue head. Have Eqqo put his hand in the statue, revealing a fresco. Keep putting his hand in the mouth and a chain will appear, pull the chain to open the gate and run to the door. Put the egg in the egg door.

Map 8

In the next room, there are frescoes all over the walls. There is a huge one on the opposite end of the room with a target at the top. Pick up a spear and toss it at the target, causing a door to appear. If Eqqo is caught in a trap, use the nearby lever to break him free. Take the egg to the egg door.

Map 9

In the next room, switch view and clean the fresco on the floor, revealing a head statue. Have Eqqo run through the grate and put his hand in the head, causing a chain to drop. Pull the chain, causing the grate to rise. Pick up the egg and put it in the egg door.

Map 10

Put the egg in the mechanism, causing a head statue to be revealed. Switch view and have Eqqo put his hand in the statue. There are four frescos in the room that need to be cleaned, revealing targets that need to be hit with spears, opening a path made of four staircases. To drop the bridge, put Eqqo’s hand in the head statue, rub the fresco on the ceiling, revealing a wheel that can be turned to lower the bridge. Grab the egg and put it in the egg door.

Map 11

The next room has three wheels and a top wheel with four skulls on it. The top wheel spins the inner skull, the second wheel spins the snake, the third wheel spins the colored skulls. To pass, the white skull and the snake’s skull need to have their jaws at the bottom of the image, while the colored skulls need to have the blue skull on top. Do this correctly and the door will open.

Map 12

In the next room, there is a monster called the Bell Ringer that wants to eat the egg. Put the egg on the mechanism and unlock all the views. Go to the next room and put Eqqo’s hand in the head statue, causing levers to drop. Switch to the view facing the monster on the cage and pull the lever to drop the cage. You can then pull the other levers to life the grate. Grab the egg and run for the door at the end of the room. Put the egg in the egg door.

Map 13

In the next room, just run to the far end to the door and pull all the levers if Eqqo gets trapped.

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