Escape From Tarkov DOWN: Server status latest, error 213 hits Tarkov fans

Escape From Tarkov down reports are surging in right now as players have reported server issues and being hit with an error 213 message. Independent outage monitor Down Detector has registered a spike of Escape From Tarkov down reports. Out of those affected the majority have been hit with Escape From Tarkov server connection issues.

Down Detector UK stats say 52 per cent of Escape From Tarkov players hit by today’s outage are experiencing server connection issues.

While 46 per cent are having login trouble with Escape From Tarkov.

The Down Detector outage map says today’s Escape From Tarkov server issues are mainly affecting users in the UK, US and Europe.

As the server troubles hit Escape From Tarkov fans took to social networking site Twitter to report issues with the game.

One posted: “Sad day when Tarkov down again”.

Another wrote: “Tarkov servers have hust crashed and i have lost a ton of loot in the process AGAIN!”

And one added: “Ehhhm.. the game seems to be down? “Error receiving game session data”.

More to follow…

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