Escape From Tarkov Has Overtaken Just Chatting On Twitch

Escape from Tarkov recently released a new update that brought the biggest map ever to the extraction shooter. Streets of Tarkov allow between 30-40 players to take part in matches that are normally limited to 14 players with a few AI-controlled NPCs. This new map as well as a host of new features added with the update seems to have caused the biggest spike in players in Escape from Tarkov’s four-year history.

It’s hard to gauge Escape from Tarkov’s total player counts as the game still hasn’t been released on Steam despite seemingly being tailor-made for the platform. However, we can get a sense of the update’s popularity thanks to Twitch. Earlier today, Escape from Tarkov had 384,000 viewers–almost 13,000 more viewers than the traditional top channel on Twitch, Just Chatting. Escape from Tarkov currently has 420,000 viewers while Just Chatting now has 444,000, but for a brief moment, Escape from Tarkov topped Twitch’s channels.

In addition to the long-awaited map, Escape from Tarkov is also hosting a Twitch drops event from now until January 8. Watch affiliated Escape from Tarkov streamers, link your BattleState Games and Twitch accounts, and you'll get free in-game items at certain intervals, including weapons, gear, and "various rare items." You can even watch more than one broadcast at a time, but that doesn't double your viewing time to qualify for Twitch drops.

"Enjoy the broadcasts of your favorite streamers and the presents you'll receive while participating in the New Year events," wrote BattleState on today's update. "Good luck in Tarkov, you'll need it!"

For those who still haven’t tried Escape from Tarkov, the game pioneered the extraction shooter genre. Teams of up to five players drop onto the map, scrounge for as much gear as possible, and then leave without getting killed by the other players trying to do the same thing. Combat is ultra-realistic, with no on-screen ammo counter and players having to manage wounds using specific medical supplies.

Escape from Tarkov is available now on the game’s official website.

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