ESO Stonethorn DLC Game Pack Includes 5.86GB of New Content And Updates

The Elder Scrolls MMORPG recently went live with Update 27 for PC and Mac. and Stadia, which introduced the Stonethorn DLC pack. Update 27 comes with a tremendous amount of new content, bug fixes, quality improvements, and more, making the update download a hefty 5.86GB in size.

However, the robust size of the Stonethorn DLC pack comes with a substantial amount of valuable content, including two new four-player dungeons, a new housing system Character Pathing tool, new Achievements, gear sets, and collectibles, performance improvements, bug fixes, and so much more. Suffice it to say that we’ll be able to continue our Dark Heart of Skyrim roleplaying for a long time and then some.

ESO’s parents Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks have given us two places where we can digest al the content info packed into the Stonethorn DLC. The shortest account to read is the blog post-styled description via the ESO website news section. The other is on the official ESO forums, where Community Manager ZOS_GinaBruno has a 15-post-long wonderful bullet-listed patch notes report. Plenty long enough to read through while the DLC downloads.

So what are we getting with Stonethorn? Our money’s worth, for one. Stonethorn’s gameplay will help take us right into the upcoming Q4 DLC and bring us to the finale of the Dark Heart of Skyrim’s year-long adventure. But first, we’ll have to conquer the two new four-player dungeons of Castle Thorn and Stone Garden.

The Castle Thorn adventure leads us to western Skyrim to confront Lady Thorn and put an end to her growing vampire army. In case you missed it, you can read the previously released Castle Thorn preview, or skip it if you don’t want any spoilers. The Stone Garden adventure path leads us deep within Blackreach to the Stone Garden, where the mad alchemist Arkasis is creating unknown terrors within a secret laboratory there. The Stone Garden Dungeon Preview will give you more info.

Under all the new flashy content, Update 27 also adds in an abundant amount of fixes and improvements to the base game. Included among the many improvements are overall performance enhancements, new motifs, and new furniture, an altering of Battleground outfit styles, lowering the prices on outfit styles, and finally allowing us to scale gamepad mode.

The list of new and improved content with the Stonethorn DLC pack is impressive, and the best crunchy specifics are listed on the ESO forum post. But once you have the update installed, just get into the game and discover all the Stonethorn goodness for yourself.

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