Even Marvel’s Avengers Considers Civil War An Avengers Movie

Whether you read the comics, have watched the ever-expanding MCU from start to finish ten times over, or are a Marvel fan of any description, there are an endless number of things to argue about with other fans. Something that tops the pile is whether Civil War is an Avengers movie or not. If you ask the creators of Marvel's Avengers – the game, not the movie – then apparently yes, it is.

The maligned superhero game gets two new outfits this month. One for Iron Man, and another for Hawkeye. However, the name of the archer's new fit is technically wrong, but it will have pleased fans who have been arguing Captain America: Civil War should have been categorized as an Avengers movie ever since it hit cinemas more than six years ago.

To new outfit is called “Hawkeye's Marvel Studios' Avengers: Civil War outfit". Those who have seen it will recognize the new look as the one Hawkeye wears in Civil War, so this isn't a mix up where Crystal Dynamics has used the wrong Avengers movie label. Whoever's responsible simply assumed Civil War was an Avengers movie, and not Captain America 3 which is technically what is.

Well, either that or the CD employee responsible for writing the description is a proud defender of the belief Civil War is an Avengers movie and should have been labeled as such. The movie features so many of the MCU's heroes that fans have been understandably confused and sometimes even upset that it didn't get the Avengers treatment. The movie lacked appearances from Hulk and Thor, two of the MCU's core Avengers, which is likely why it got the Cap' tag instead.

The battle over what the movie should have been called rages on in the replies to the Reddit post above. If you would prefer not to get mixed up in the six-year-old discourse, or simply don't like the new outfits, stick to the summer-themed ones Avengers fans have been thirsting over ever since they were first revealed. There's also She-Hulk's arrival to look forward to, whenever the leak is officially confirmed to be accurate.

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