Every Attack Spell In Forspoken, Ranked

With 73 unique spells to learn, Forspoken's robust magic system allows you to play the game in any way you'd like. Enemies may have resistances and vulnerabilities to the different types of magic, but ultimately it's more important that you use spells that fit your playstyle.

Rushing in with Sila's Red Magic just because an enemy is weak to fire when you're not comfortable in close-range combat is just setting yourself up for failure, so it's nice that there is a large array of different spells to choose from. Not all the 12 attack spells are built the same, though, so make sure you know which ones will help become the most powerful Tanta in Athia.

12 Shield Shot

Purple Magic's Shield Shot spell is rather self-explanatory. By Charging the spell, you can create a rock shield in front of you that will burst out at enemies when it is hit or released.

What makes Shield Shot so terrible is its horrible range and that it can only block an enemy's regular attack. It cannot counter Piercing or Unblockable attacks and rarely hits any enemy that isn't on the ground melee attacking you. Overall, it has little use and is completely overshadowed by every other spell in the game.

11 Storm Dart

Of the three attack spells in the Green spell tree, Storm Dart is hands down the coolest-looking one. The spell allows you to create a massive electric field that will damage enemies inside of it. Releasing the spell will create a blast that damages all the creatures inside, with the ones marked by Darts taking extra damage.

Unfortunately, this aesthetically pleasing lightning spell fails to live up to its visual effects. Charging the spell allows you to move the electrical field around with you, but your movement is slowed, and being hit will cancel the attack, making it the worst Green attack spell to use.

10 Scatter Shot

Scatter Shot is an amazing early-game spell that is a great way to do consistent damage on non-moving targets. You can lock on with the spell, or if you have good aim, you can manually target using its reticule.

The downside of Scatter Shot is that it requires you to continuously shoot in order to out-damage Burst Shot. The spell also limits your movement speed and trying to combo-cast Scatter Shot while parkouring is useless since the main damage of the spell comes from the number of rocks fired, not the final shot.

9 Fan Bolt

A beautiful water spell, Fan Bolt's lighting on its frozen arrows will instantly make you feel like Elsa from Disney's Frozen. Capable of outputting decent damage, the spell does a good job of hitting multiple enemies at a short range.

That's where the spell fails to perform. Fan Bolt's damage depends on each ice projectile hitting, and since the arrows spread out the further they travel, the spell functions as a shotgun that can only hit targets horizontally. At that range, you might as well be using Red Magic.

8 Arc Slice

Arc Slice is the finisher of the basic Slice attack in every way. When chained together, the two spells are hard to distinguish, especially if you're casting Arc Slice on the ground since the spell just enlarges the size of the fire sword and swings in a circle.

What you might not know is that when cast in the air, Arc Slice not only does a vertically oriented spinning slash but, when you impact the ground, it will also shoot a line of fire forward that will hit anything in its path. Unfortunately, the hitbox for the flame line is small, so enemies not directly hit by the center of the line won't take any damage.

7 Blast Slice

Blast Slice is the only ranged attack Red spell that lets you throw a fire spear at your enemies. The spear does initial damage on impact and, after a few seconds, it explodes, damaging enemies caught in the explosion.

Contrary to Cuff's insistence that you need to keep your range to use the spell, Blast Slice's jumping attack is actually super effective at hitting groups of enemies up close. By comboing Blast Slice with the basic Slice attack in the air, Frey will drop to the ground and cause flaming spears to burst up from the ground over a wide area. This is helpful when you're surrounded by ground enemies, or if you're setting up to cast Surge Magic.

6 Pulse Dart

Have you ever wanted to play a mage that casts Magic Missile at everything? Then Pulse Dart is the perfect spell for you. Pulse Dart charges piercing electric darts that home in on enemies that are already marked with… non-piercing electric darts.

While unimaginative, Pulse Dart's damage is actually fairly good, and its ability to pierce targets means that any enemy unlucky enough to be between you and your target is going to get hit. The darts are also fast, so there is little downtime after releasing the spell before you can start casting Dart again to mark new enemies.

5 Rage Slice

Of the Red melee spells, Rage Slice is the most balanced of the two. Coating Frey's fists in flames, Rage Slice sends Frey into a Tekken-style punching combo as long as you charge the spell. It even allows you to sidestep as you attack.

At the end of the combo, Frey will hold her hands out and charge a blast that, once released, makes an explosion. This deals good damage and knocks small and medium-sized enemies back. While the AOE of the attack is smaller than the size of Blast Slice's jump AOE, it is still more effective than Arc Slice's. The spell doesn't require jumping in the air like the other two spells, either, which makes it a go-to for melee casters.

4 Cluster Bolt

A generic raining arrows attack with an icy twist, Cluster Bolt does good area damage from a safe distance. Like all Blue Magic, chaining Cluster Bolt after throwing a Bolt water ball will increase the spell's damage as well as count as a spell combo, instantly charging the spell to its highest level.

From there it is just a basic fire and release. Whether you spam the spell or change to another one, Cluster Bolt is as reliable as it gets when you want to hit a group of enemies. It is also effective against large slow enemies that will get hit by multiple dropping bolts, but if you're in that situation you're better off switching to Chain Bolt.

3 Chain Bolt

Seemingly mundane, Chain Bolt allows you to charge up a magical ice bolt and shoot it at an enemy. What puts Chain Bolt above other spells, though, is how it 'chains' with the basic Bolt spell.

As Chain Bolt increases in charge level, the spell will fire a frozen arrow at your enemy. This means that if you have three Bolt orbs floating around you, each arrow will use one, increasing the damage of every shot. Add in the secondary effect of Chain Bolt, which adds bonus damage for every arrow that hits the same place, and it is easy to see why Chain Bolt is the best ranged spell for hitting single targets.

2 Seeker Dart

The most well-rounded of the three Olas attack spells, Seeker Dart throws an electric dart that bounces between Darts that you've marked enemies with. Whether that be one enemy with a dozen Darts on them or multiple enemies with one Dart on them, Seeker Dart will travel to each one and drop a bolt of green lightning down on them.

What makes the spell exceptional is that the lightning bolt that is dropped has a small blast radius that does full damage to any enemy hit by it. The downside of the spell is that you have to charge it for the Seeker Dart to lock onto every Dart it travels to. However, with its massive range that only ends when you leave combat, you have plenty of time to give yourself distance before you charge up.

1 Burst Shot

One of the three initial attack spells you start with, Burst Shot is hands down the most versatile spell in the game. It has great damage and is easy to cast in combination with the other Shot spells. Burst Shot's range falls just short of what you would consider a mid-range, but its decent impact area and ability to knock down small to medium-sized enemies compensate for this.

The strongest part of Burst Shot is the ability to hurl a level three version of the spell after only casting one Shot spell when parkouring. This makes it easy to reliably cast the spell without limiting your mobility. With its range being its only con, Burst Shot is a spell that never really falls off no matter what stage of the game you're in.

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