Fall Guys Explains How Puzzle Path Works Following Player Complaints

Fall Guys' season three kicked off this week. The game's beans have fallen from space and been dropped into the ocean. A season change has brought a lot of new levels along with it. One of those new levels is Puzzle Path, and it has been causing players some issues.

So many issues that the Fall Guys creators have responded with some handy hints and tips. The level is made up of a series of stages, each with a number of portals to choose from. Players need to follow the right path to the correct portal which will take them to the next stage.

Pass through enough of the right portals and you'll reach the finish line. Pass through a wrong portal and you'll go back to a previous stage. That has led to players jumping through portals at random and the level taking a long time to finish. Fall Guys has offered up two tips to help with that. Most important of all, find the start of the path in the middle of each stage. Only one will leave the middle and it will lead to the right portal.

The other hint Fall Guys has offered up is to ignore the tiny squares you find along the path. The correct path will intersect with the incorrect ones, at which point you'll see a tiny square. At no point does that indicate you should change direction, and the right path will always progress straight through them.

With those tips in mind, you should have the edge in Puzzle Path. You'll likely have other players following you into the right portals now though, especially if they stop panicking long enough to clock that you seem to know what you're doing. With more than 20 million beans now playing after Fall Guys went free-to-play earlier this year, there will always be a few people who have no idea what's going on.

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