Fall Guys’ Limited-Time Mode Gauntlet Showdown The First Of Many Experiments

The new Gauntlet Showdown game mode in Fall Guys season 2 is apparently the first of many little “experiments” that Mediatonic has in store.

Season 2 of Fall Guys arrived yesterday with a ton of new content. New maps, new fantasy costumes to get in the mood for Halloween, and a new game mode called “Gauntlet Showdown.” It’s basically a new playlist of maps that you can select if you really love the race-style of maps like Door Dash, Gate Crash, Slime Climb, See Saw, and more.

Gauntlet Showdown will be available for one week, and after that it will apparently be replaced by something new, according to a Mediatonic spokesperson speaking to IGN.

“The plan is to trial a few different shows and see what the reaction is like!” Mediatonic told IGN. “Some might become permanent in the future, you never know … right now we’re just running them as a bit of an experiment.”

So far, the experiment seems to be a success, but we’ll have to wait to see if Gauntlet Showdown will become a permanent fixture of Fall Guys.

New costumes are another big draw in Fall Guys season 2, with Mediatonic community manager Oliver Hindle being immortalized with his own Fall Guys costume. Hindle has been the mad genius in charge of the Fall Guys Twitter account, retweeting all that bizarre concept art, teasing new features, and even hosting a charity auction on social media where Ninja got a new official costume.

This was actually a big surprise for Hindle as the devs never actually told him that he’d get his own costume. He found out via a leaker that he’d be the featured costume today. Other leaks have found a Sonic the Hedgehog costume and even a “bathtub Geralt” costume. We’re not sure exactly how Mediatonic plans to turn a naked Geralt into a costume, but we’re definitely waiting with bated breath.

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