Fall Guys: The Power Of Beanskull Event Guide

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The majority of Fall Guys live events center around collaborations with other well-known properties, and this is no different in the case of The Power of Beanskull Event. Crossing over with the Masters of the Universe series, this limited-time event has several challenges and rewards to earn based on this popular property.

Like other limited-time events previously hosted in the game, The Power of Beanskull Event will be available for a relatively short window of time, taking place until November 7, 2022. Learn everything you need to know about this special event, allowing you to take advantage of all event rewards while they are still available.

Event Show: The Power Of Beanskull

There will be a limited time show available throughout the duration of this event, called The Power Of Beanskull show. This show comes in the form of a Squads Show playlist, grouping together teams of four to compete in various Satellite Scramble rounds.

The rounds in this show will contain Eternian Artefacts, either Swords of Power or Havoc Staffs. These items can be found throughout the different levels of this show, acquired by simply running over them throughout the course of a round.

This is significant due to the importance of these items when it comes to completing the various missions of this event, with every event mission having to do with collecting these Eternian Artefacts. Because of this, this Event Show is the only playlist that you can play if you wish to progress through the challenges of this event.

Event Missions

There are ten event missions available to you for this event, each earning you 100 event currency upon their completion. These challenges require that you collect the different Eternian Artefacts found in the limited-time event show.

You will need to complete all ten challenges if you wish to obtain every reward available for this event, using the event currency to redeem them as you progress through these missions. Each of these challenges are provided below, specifying each of their completion requirements.

Mission NameMission Requirement
I Have The Power! (1)Collect 50 Swords of Power.
I Have The Power! (2)Collect 100 Swords of Power.
Let Me Be A God (1)Collect 50 Havoc Staffs.
Let Me Be A God (2)Collect 100 Havoc Staffs.
Call It Destiny (1)Collect 80 Artefacts in Race Rounds.
Call It Destiny (2)Collect 160 Artefacts in Race Rounds.
Possess All, Or Nothing (1)Collect 30 Artefacts in Survival Rounds.
Possess All, Or Nothing (2)Collect 60 Artefacts in Survival Rounds.
Our Final Battle! (1)Collect 100 Artefacts.
Our Final Battle! (2)Collect 200 Artefacts.

Event Rewards

There are five different rewards that you can earn from this event, obtained through the completion of different event missions. Each of these rewards are provided below with the amount of event currency needed to redeem them, the majority of them being Masters of the Universe-themed cosmetic items.

You do not need to spend the event currency to obtain the different event rewards.

You will keep the same total, even after redeeming various event rewards.

Event RewardEvent Currency Required
"I Have the Power!" Nickname100
200 Kudos200
"The Power of Grayskull" Nameplate500
"Alpha and Omega" Pattern700
"Prince of Eternia" Costume Upper1,000

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