Fall Guys: Your Tip Toe Game Is Missing This Perfectly-Timed Dive

Fall Guys’ Tip Toe round might seem like a game of luck, but there’s actually a lot more strategy to it than meets the eye.

When Fall Guys first launched in August, it was a game that anyone could pick up and play where all of its players started on an even keel. It felt like it might stay that way forever, but that has not been the case. While even a newcomer to Fall Guys can get a lot of enjoyment out of the game, it is becoming harder and harder for less experienced players to rack up crowns.

Dedicated players who have been putting in the hours since launch will have discovered certain strategies that give them an edge over the competition, like this one in Hex-A-Gone. Mediatonic continues to switch things up in an attempt to negate that, but it’s always going to happen. Take the top Tip Toe tip below which was recently discovered by the clever beans at Fall Guys TV.

Tip Toe requires players to find the correct path through a grid of tiles. Most of the tiles will disappear, and the key is to find the ones that light up and lead the way. Things get incredibly tense as the path reaches those final few rows. Beans gather on one or two tiles, trying to force rivals to lead the way.

The thing is, once there are only two rows left to navigate through, even without those last two safe tiles revealed, qualification is attainable. The video above demonstrates exactly how that can be achieved. Players need to jump onto the final row, and then dive just as their bean’s feet hit the floor. If timed perfectly, the ensuing dive will have enough distance on it to get the bean onto the final platform and over the finish line.

Hit that dive button too early, and your bean will dive mid-jump and not go far enough. Hit it too late and the tile will disappear, causing the bean to fall and head back to the start of the grid. It might take some practice, which players will be able to do in other rounds where getting the timing wrong isn’t as big a gamble as it is at the very end of Tip Toe.

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