Fallout: 10 Places That Would Be A Perfect Setting For Fallout 5

The Fallout universe is as expansive as it is deadly for those that reside in it. Bethesda has expanded the world of the unique post-apocalyptic RPG series when it took control of the series. The series has been set in a variety of places and cities that has given players a look into what a post-nuclear war world would look like and Fallout 5 could expand this further.

Though the game is a long ways away, players are still curious to see where the series will be set next. There are a number of places that could be visited next but here are 10 that would be the most perfect for the next Fallout game.

10 The Midwest

The Midwest in the Fallout series has been described as a sort of no man’s land that separates both sides of the U.S. None of the game’s factions, not even Caesar’s Legion, try to go near it.

But that just makes people all the more curious about what is in this region that has everyone so afraid. It would also be the perfect opportunity for Bethesda to bring back the settlement system and its assortment of items in order to bring civilization back to this area.

9 Texas

The Lone Star State is an area bigger than some countries which makes it a large area to explore. That would ring true for Fallout 5 and bring back a bit of that old West feel that New Vegas had.

Much like the Midwest, Texas is a no-man’s land too. The building of settlements could be a key feature in this game as well. Plus there is a lot of history in this area for both the state, America and Mexico.

8 Canada

Prior to the nuclear war that left the world in its current state, the U.S annexed Canada in a rather violent fashion in order to get more resources. War never changes and perhaps history could repeat itself with the Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel trying to push into this territory.

It would add a lot of pre-war lore to Fallout to get a better idea as to the state of the world during that period. Plus Canada has natural beauty with its Northern lights and animal life so it would be neat to see how a nuclear war would affect that.

7 China

Going even further outside the U.S, China was the country America waged war with that triggered the nuclear holocaust that ended the pre-war world. There are two sides to every story and it would be cool to get a better idea of China’s perspective in the war.

The player’s character could be a captured soldier that was frozen in cryo only to be forgotten and awakened at some point in the current Fallout timeline. It would truly make the player a fish out of the water heading into the Eastern World.

6 Colorado

Right outside of where New Vegas is set, this setting would make for a good sequel to New Vegas in some ways. The NCR could try to push further into Legion territory in order to try and take them down for good so they are not a threat anymore.

Plus it would give players a better idea of the size and strength of Caesar’s Legion, which was supposed to be expanded more in New Vegas but ended up getting cut. Colorado also has unique locales to explore such as Denver and Aspen.

5 Miami

Though Miami is already the setting of a Fallout 4 mod that looks very promising, it would still be a great setting for Fallout 5. A blend of both the 1950s and 80s would be a cool callback to two of the most defining decades in U.S history.

Miami is also at the bottom of Florida which is a long way from where prior games in the series were set. This would be a fresh breathe of a new perspective with what is familiar.

4 New Orleans

A party town located in the midst of a wild and swampy bayou, it would be a cool callback to Fallout 3’s Point Lookout DLC, which is one of the better pieces of Fallout DLC.

New Orleans would offer players a great break from daily struggles in the city while evoking the fear of the unseen outside of it. A mix that the Fallout games are known for doing a good job at combining.

3 San Francisco

Home to the Golden Gate Bridge, this could be a symbolic way of introducing players to the unknown and uncertain world of Fallout 4. Plus it would be a cool callback to the NCR from New Vegas and the pre-Bethesda Fallout games.

The plot could involve the NCR trying to take the city from a group that want to maintain independence away from it. This would be a good tie-in to the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialism themes found in other games.

2 New York City

The Big Apple has been featured in a large variety of games, most recently with Spider-Man: Miles Morales,  but bringing Fallout 5 to this place would make it unique compared to other New Yorks.

The different boroughs of the city could act as different settlements with their own views and beliefs. The player having to take a side with one of these settlements would also blend well with the tough choices the games have been known for. Plus it is located between Washington D.C and Boston, the settings of Fallout 3 and 4 respectively.

1 Philadelphia

It may not be as grand as New York or San Francisco, but one thing it does have that they do not is close ties to U.S history which have been a pretty important topic in the recent games.

It too is located between Boston and Washington D.C. It would also be a good chance to bring back the Minutemen, who are a Revolutionary War-themed faction, to the place where America is born. A lot of history is hidden within Philadelphia and it would be cool to see how Fallout would handle that in Fallout 5.

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