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In Fallout 4, you can spend a lot of time crafting useful items. But you can't make anything if you don't have the required resources. Oil is one such resource, and it's included in a few important recipes. However, you don't have the ability to drill for oil in Fallout 4.

Therefore, you must get ahold of the substance in other ways. But you might not know how to go about it. If that's the case, this guide will help tremendously in your quest for the black liquid as it covers everything you need to know to acquire a large amount of it.

How To Get Oil

To get oil, you can either buy it from vendors or acquire the substance from certain items.

Items That Include Oil

Naturally, you can't get oil from every piece of junk you find in the Commonwealth. Therefore, if you require some of the liquid, you must keep an eye out for the following items:

ItemBottles Of Oil It Provides
Industrial Size Shortening5
Oil Can4
Cooking Oil3
Cutting Fluid3
Oil Canister2
Aluminum Oil Can2
Mr. Handy Fuel2
Paint Can2
Blue Paint2
Yellow Paint2
Red Paint (Far Harbor DLC)2
Used Oil Can1
Aluminum Canister1
Gas Canister1
Flip Lighter1
Gold Plated Flip Lighter1
Condensed Fog (Far Harbor DLC)1

To use the oil in them, just put the items in a workstation.

Where To Get Oil

If you're seeking a large amount of oil, there are certain things you should do.

Find Oil Shipment Sellers

There are several different people in the Commonwealth that are willing to sell you a full shipment of oil (25 bottles) at once. These are their names and locations:

  • Trashcan Carla – She is a caravan merchant who travels around with a Brahmin. The woman generally walks between Sanctuary and Drumlin Diner in the northwest corner of the map. Yet, you can sometimes find her at Bunker Hill.
  • Proctor Teagan – If the Brotherhood of Steel is still around, the quartermaster Teagan will sell you oil. You can find him on The Prydwen.
  • KL-E-O – This mech is a vendor who runs a gun store in Goodneighbour. The settlement is around the center of the map.

Make Cutting Fluid

Cutting fluid provides you with three oil, which is handy considering the substance isn't hard to make. All you need is two acid, eight bones, two purified water, and three steel to create some of the fluid. So, if you have plenty of those ingredients in your possession, they can help with any oil shortage you may be having.

Loot Dunwich Borers

This is a quarry in the northeast area of the map. The place often has a fair few enemies, but it also contains a bunch of lanterns and canisters, which yield oil. If you pick them all up, you'll have a decent supply of the stuff.

Loot Nuka-Town backstage (Requires Nuka-World DLC)

If you have the Nuka-World add-on, you can visit Nuka-Town backstage to acquire a lot of oil. You get there through Bradberton Amphitheater.

While there aren't just pots of oil lying around, there is a great deal of paint. Each can provides you with oil. Thus, you can acquire plenty of it from this location.

Uses For Oil

You need oil to craft several different things. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Various explosives (Molotov Cocktails, Baseball Grenades, Bottlecap Mines, etc.)
  • A few food items (Mirelurk Cakes, Slocum's BuzzBites, Potato Crisps, etc.)
  • Bleed Out Syringes
  • Water Purifiers
  • Defense Turrets

So, oil can be used to help your settlement as well as yourself.

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