Fallout 76 gets human NPCs, battle royale mode, and free trial

The redemption of Fallout 76 could be at hand, as Bethesda announces free expansion Wastelanders and a free trial that starts today.

Rather than try and sweep it under the carpet, Bethesda’s pre-E3 conference opened with Fallout 76 and an admission that it’s launch had been accompanied by some ‘well-deserved’ criticism.

Bethesda were adamant that it’s already improved greatly but the big changes are going to come with free expansion Wastelanders.

Wastelanders is part of the year 2 schedule of updates, which revolves around ordinary people coming back to repopulate Appalachia.

What this means in practice is that the game will, for the first time, have proper non-player characters that you can talk to via complex dialogue trees that work like the regular Fallout games.

Not only is Wastelanders free but the whole game will be as well for a week, starting today, 10 June.

Wastelanders won’t be out until later in the year but what will be available as part of the free trail is a ‘sneak peek’ of new mode Nuclear Winter – a 52-player battle royale.

The idea is that you’re competing with other players to see who should be the Overseer of Valut 51, which the vault’s computer seems to think would be best accomplished by everyone trying to kill each other.

You can see the ‘ring of fire’ surrounding the map getting smaller and smaller in the trailer below, until only one player is left.

Bethesda clearly don’t want to give up on Fallout 76 and judging by this they seem to have a pretty good plan for how to fix things.

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