Fallout 76 I Am Become Death: How To Track Down Information About The Encryption Code

Fallout 76 is the kind of game that has a lot going on. If you want to go for completion, take on every quest and complete every optional objective, you will be playing for a very long time indeed. One of those things that may delay your progress is getting stuck on a single quest objective. It’s completely understandable, and sometimes it happens because you can’t find the path forward, or you’ve simply lost your way.

Well our Fallout 76 guides are here to help you through those tough moments, and in this guide we’re breaking down how to get past that tricky part in the main quest I Am Become Death. Here’s how to enter the building and track down information about the encryption code in Fallout 76.

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I Am Become Death Quest Summary In Fallout 76

Essentially, you will find yourself staring down the scorchbeast menace, and in order to wipe them out you decide to take the nuclear route. I mean, technically that is what got us in this mess in the first place, yes, but we’ll work out the fine details later. In order to take get the task done you will have been tracking down nuclear launch codes, and finally, you come to a small settlement on route 64. You need to make your way inside the building to complete your next quest stage, “Track down information about the encryption code,” and you’re a little bit stuck. Well we know, and we’ll help with that.

How To Track Down Information About The Encryption Code in Fallout 76

You are, most likely, stuck outside of the building which you need to enter to get this done. The main doors won’t open, and the only entrance is certainly not obvious. If you’ve been circling this building for a while you may notice some large pipes along one of the sides – climb on top of these pipes while circling the building, and you’ll notice that, out of view from the outside, there has been an opening cut into the pipe. Follow the pipe through and you’ll come to an ID card reader and a locked door – using the ID card you earned earlier in the quest you can open it up and finally move inside.

The inside of the building will be filled with bugs, of course, but they aren’t too tough. Keep exploring the building and check terminals when you come across them for information. The final terminal you need to access is the Waste Disposal System Terminal – yeah not exactly an obvious one. Accessing this terminal and entering the commands and codes you’ve collected will allow you to move on with the quest, and will give you the open of launching a nuke. Good luck with your nuclear warfare, wastelanders.

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