Fallout 76: Sniper Build Guide

There are many weapon types to choose from in Fallout 76, which is why many players have multiple characters to try different play styles. Snipers are one of the most powerful weapon types because you can use them from a distance, making them ideal for VATS builds.

You can acquire many sniper rifles in Fallout 76, and there are lots of perk cards that can benefit this build. Below you'll find everything you need to know about creating a powerful sniper build in Fallout 76 and which sniper rifles are the strongest.

The Best Weapons For A Sniper Build

There are multiple weapons that you can use for a sniper build. However, you can find the most viable option below. If you want to know about every powerful sniper rifle in Fallout 76, we explore more about the topic in this guide.

The Gauss Rifle

Among the best sniper rifles in Fallout 76 is the Gauss Rifle. The Gauss Rifle deals 140 base damage, and you can craft various scopes for it, which makes it a weapon worth adding to your collection.

You can get a Gauss Rifle by traveling to the Watoga Underground and searching the shelves in Silo Four. A Gauss Rifle with a legendary effect is even more powerful.

The Best Legendary Effect For Sniper Rifles

There are many viable options for legendary weapon effects, but the best effect for a sniper rifle is Two Shot. The Two Shot effect causes your gun to shoot an extra projectile, making it easier to defeat an enemy with a single pull of your weapon's trigger. You'll notice 25 percent extra recoil while using a weapon with the Two Shot effect.

The Best Stats For A Sniper Build

There are various stats and effects that you need to customize when creating any type of build. However, this is particularly important for sniper builds since they use such a unique weapon type.

The Best SPECIAL Stats For A Sniper Build

Without legendary perks, you can earn 56 SPECIAL points in total. You get seven points when you create your character, and you earn an extra point each time you level up, up to level 50. You should invest the following points into each SPECIAL stat for maximum efficiency with your sniper build.

These stats are specifically useful for a sniper build that incorporates stealth, which is how you can create a powerful marksman. Your SPECIAL points may vary depending on which Perk Cards you plan to use.

SPECIAL StatNumber Of Points

The Best Perk Cards For A Sniper Build

If you're new to Fallout 76, then the unique Perk Card system may initially seem confusing. Perk Cards have a specific number relating to the SPECIAL attribute they belong to. For example, if you have four Perception points, then you can equip a Perk Card with one Perception requirement, along with a Perk Card with a requirement of three Perception. Any other variation works as well.

Lots of Perk Cards work well with a sniper build, and you may want to choose cards other than these, depending on your goals. However, the following Perk Cards are a few of the best you can equip for a sniper build and how many points are required to use them.

Perk CardSPECIAL StatMinimum PointsBase EffectUnlock Level
Bloody MessLuck15% Extra DamageLevel 42
Long ShotPerception110% Extra Range For Rifles And Enhanced Accuracy With SightsLevel 37
Concentrated FirePerception1You Can Now Shoot At Individual LimbsLevel 2
Mysterious StrangerLuck1The Mysterious Stranger May Aid You While Using VATSLevel 26
Four Leaf CloverLuck1Every VATS Attack Has A Chance To Refill Your Critical MeterLevel 29
SniperPerception1You Can Hold Your Breath 25% Longer With A Scope And Your Aim Is EnhancedLevel 28
Better CriticalsLuck1Critical Hits In VATS Deal 20% More DamageLevel 47
RiflemanPerception1Non-Automatic Rifles Deal 10% More DamageLevel 8

The Best Mutation For A Sniper Build

Eagle Eye is the best mutation you can use with this Sniper Build. Critical hits are essential for this build, and Eagle Eye grants 25 percent more damage when you deal a critical hit. The extra damage you gain from this mutation is often the difference between hitting an enemy once to defeat them instead of twice.

Additionally, you gain four extra Perception points when you unlock the Eagle Eye mutation. Perception is invaluable for a sniper build, so this effect is incredibly useful. Unfortunately, you lose four points of Strength while the Eagle Eye mutation is active, but Strength isn't particularly important for this build.

To get the Eagle Eye mutation, you need to come into contact with radiation, and you'll eventually earn a mutation. You can swim in irradiated bodies of water, eat irradiated food, or stand in a location filled with radiation to contract mutations.

The Best Legendary Perks For A Sniper Build

Legendary Perks are a powerful type of perk you can equip once you reach level milestones, including levels 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300. There are over a dozen Legendary Perks to choose from, but these are the six best ones for a sniper build.

Legendary PerkBase Effect
Far-Flung FireworksEnemies Have A 10% Chance To Explode If You Kill Them With A Ranged Weapon
Ammo FactoryCreate 50% More Rounds When You Craft Ammo
Legendary PerceptionGrants 1 Extra Perception And Perception Perk Point
Follow ThroughDeal 10% More Damage To An Enemy After You Hit Them With A Ranged Sneak Attack, Lasts For 10 Seconds
Taking One For The TeamYou Deal 10% More Damage To An Enemy That Attacks You While Part Of A Team
Blood Sacrifice!Your Teammates Gain +25 Damage Resistance And Heal 40 Health When You Die, The Second Effect Lasts For 8 Seconds

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