Fallout 76 Steel Dawn: Field Testing Quest Walkthrough

Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn has added plenty of new content to the game, and some may even say that Fallout 76 is “good now.” A bold claim it may be, but while playing through the engaging Brotherhood of Steel questline you’d be hard-pressed to argue with it. The Brotherhood of Steel quests are a great example of how interesting and dynamic Fallout 76 is becoming, and Field Testing is a great example of all of that in action. In this quest you’ll be meeting a new family, recruiting someone, and helping forward the efforts of the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia.

Make sure to start the Brotherhood of Steel questline if you haven’t already, and check out our guide to the quest prior to this, Mother of Invention.

Fallout 76 Field Testing Quest Stages Walkthrough

Speak to Paladin Rahmani

Now that Mother of Invention is done with and we’ve gone through the Atlas Substructure it’s time to go talk to Paladin Rahmani. Helping both Knight Shin and Scribe Valdez has earned you a letter of recommendation, and talking to Paladin Rahmani in the command centre should secure you a place in their Brotherhood.

Go to Lewis & Sons Farming Supply

Paladin Rahmani thinks it’s time you went solo. She’ll send you to meet with a family on a farm, the Putnams, and she’ll also let you know that the boys of the family were starstruck by their presence. You’ll see Lewis & Sons Farming Supply on your map, fast travel to whichever point on your map is closest and make your way there.

Speak to the Putnam Family

Head inside the Putnam Residence and you’ll be met with Marty Putnam brandishing a weapon, before summoning the rest of the armed family. A normal response during the apocalypse, I suppose. Carol Putnam is the matriarch here, and she’ll hear you out.

During the conversation, Carol and George will express that one of their over-eager boys can join the Brotherhood. Marty is enthusiastic (dumb) and strong, whereas Colin is weaker, but smart.

Continue talking to Carol and she’ll tell you more about the Ghouls that have been attacking people, and you’ll be helping both the family and the Brotherhood by wiping them out. Once you’ve spoken to everyone and recruited one of the boys, head to Orwell Orchards.

Arrived at Orwell Orchards

Head inside the Orwell Orchards main house and you’ll be able to access some stairs leading down into the basement – this is where all of the action will happen.

Entered Bunker

You’ll meet whichever Putnam boy you chose inside the bunker, and he’ll help you to wipe the place clean – though watch his health, especially if you chose the weaker Colin.

Clear the Ghouls from the bunker

There are many rooms down here, and a lot of Ghouls. You should be sure to come in prepared with lots of ammo and healing items, as the enemies will be relentless.

If the Putnam boy loses health they’ll fall to their knees. Talk to them to get them back up, and send them to Fort Atlas.

Once the Ghouls are cleared out and the Putnam boy has left for Fort Atlas, you yourself can return and speak with Paladin Rahmani to complete this quest and move on to Disarming Discovery.

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