Fallout 76 Update Aims to Solve a Big Endgame Problem

Bethesda is adding a Legendary Vendor to Fallout 76 in attempt to solve the problem with unwanted legendary loot, as well as more opportunities to earn specific legendaries.

Discussing the upcoming Wild Appalachia update at the Game Days panels at PAX East, executive producer Todd Howard said (via USGamer) “We know the loop of getting legendaries, and people wanting the better legendaries and [then] getting the one they want. We’re solving that loop.”

Howard explained that the new Legendary Vendor will offer a system where players can cash in their unwanted legendaries in exchange for tokens, which can then be used to “somewhat customize and roll for the legendary that you want.” The higher the star rating on a scrapped legendary, the higher the chance that the vendor will supply the loot a player hopes for.

Howard also explained that the team is looking to offer more opportunities for players to earn specific legendary items by completing specific requirements, akin to how several of Destiny 2’s exotics are locked behind challenges.

The Wild Appalachia update will be live May 23, and will add the Legendary Vendor alongside a variety of other improvements.

Matt Purslow is IGN UK’s News and Entertainment Writer. You can follow him on Twitter. 

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