Far Cry 6’s Diego Castillo Isn’t Vaas In Disguise, Ubisoft Has Confirmed

Speaking to TheGamer, Ubisoft has cleared up a popular fan theory surrounding Far Cry 6 and the character of Diego Castillo. Bad news – he isn’t Vaas Montenegro.

Ever since the upcoming shooter’s reveal, fans have found a number of curious similarities between the iconic Far Cry 3 villain and the son of fascist dictator Anton Castillo, who is portrayed by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito.

We recently sat down with narrative director Navid Khavari  to talk about the creation of Far Cry 6, its villains, world, and politics. When we brought up the association between Diego and Vaas, he was quick to fan the flames of theories that have now been circulating across the internet for months.

“You’re the first person to ask me this so I’m afraid I’m going to have to break some hearts here,” Khavari says. “Far Cry 6 is set in the present day. Diego is not Vaas. But yeah, I can get that out there now.” For this comparison to make any sense at all, the narrative would need to introduce some form of time travel or secretly be set in the past, which seems a little far fetched given the otherwise serious nature of its themes and setting.

However, the story of Anton and Diego Castillo promises to be an interesting one, with Anton trying to transfer many of his twisted, fascist ideals onto his son, who will inevitably take up the mantle as tyrannical leader of Yara when the time comes. “When I sit down to imagine [a new villain] I feel like the secret sauce is to imagine yourself at their kitchen table and just having a conversation with them,” Khavari explains.

“No cameras are around, no performative elements, and just to learn why are you doing the things you’re doing as a dictator? Why would you do this? How do you do this, and so that actually leads us to incorporating something to the brand. You’re going to have moments with Anton and Diego where the player isn’t present. You’re going to get a window into how he really is, how he really behaves, and how he sees the world.”

Far Cry 6 is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC later on October 7. Be sure to check out our full preview, interview with the narrative director, and creation of Anton Castillo.

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