FIFA 21 ditches fitness items from FUT as all 101 FIFA 21 icons revealed

FIFA Ultimate Team will no longer be plagued by fitness items, as Torres, Vidic, and Lahm are confirmed as icons in FIFA 21.

Everyone hates getting fitness items in FIFA Ultimate Team but they’ve been a part of the mode for over a decade now and many had given up hope that they’d ever go away.

They’re hated for two reasons: they’re boring and get int the way of the cards you actually want, and the whole idea of having to constantly top up players’ stamina is seen as getting in the way of playing the game.

‘We’ve evaluated these mechanics and have decided that it wasn’t creating the desired effect in rotation and players were spending time doing a management action that was frequently required and, ultimately, not very fun’, admitted EA.

Starting with FIFA 21, everyone in FIFA Ultimate Team will now start a match with full fitness and fitness cards will no longer exist.

But that’s not all, as EA are also getting rid of training items, which nobody ever used, and all related fitness, training, and healing staff items.

That means there will now be only two healing items in the game and as a result it’ll now be more likely you get chemistry styles and club customisation options.

Just as that news came in so did the final reveal for all 100 ‘icons’ for Ultimate Team in FIFA 21, except in the end it turned out to be 101.

The final players confirmed include Nemanja Vidic and Ferenc Puskás, who’ll sit alongside the likes of Eric Cantona and Xavi.

EA had originally promised 100 icons but since the total is actually 101 that does leave open the possibility there could be a couple more surprise extra too. Or perhaps there’s someone from last year that’s not going to make the cut this year.

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