FIFA 23 Fans Discover Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Commentary Easter Egg

FIFA 23 fans have discovered a Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney easter egg in the game, where the Hollywood owners of the Welsh club, Wrexham AFC, appear to be commentating on games that include their club.

As reported by Eurogamer, Reynolds and McElhenney jump in on the commentary when their club Wrexham AFC is in play. The pair jumps into the commentary with some hilarious digs at the opposition teams, and they do not hold back. For instance, in a match between Wrexham and Liverpool, the pair ends up calling the Premier League giant a “minuscule, improvisational version of a football club” compared to their own team.

We also see another instance where their team is up against one of their biggest rivals, Stockport County. Apparently, Stockport secured its promotion to the English Football League in the previous season over Wrexham, which left a bitter taste in the mouths of Reynolds and McElhenney. Naturally, the duo doesn’t hold back and sends a message to their team to “deliver 31 flavors of humiliation” to Stockport.

So far, these seem to be the only two instances where one can hear the Wrexham owners in the commentary. If there are any other matches where the pair shows up again, we’ll find out soon. Additionally, their commentary only seems to appear at the beginning of the matches, and they don’t appear to have any other comments during the rest of the game. Wrexham was officially added to the game in FIFA 22 where it was playable in the “Rest of the World” roster, only after Reynolds and McElhenney took charge of the club in 2021.

This isn’t the only example of an appearance by movie and TV stars in FIFA 23 as Ted Lasso, a fictional coach from the popular Apple TV show, along with his club, AFC Richmond are also in the game. Jason Sudekis, who plays coach Lasso, and several cast members are a part of this collaboration, and players can pick this club from the “Rest of the World” section as well.

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