Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To Universal Markers

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Final Fantasy 14 has many things to see and do within Eorzea and beyond, with the more complex activities coming after you have completed the MSQ. Still, even with hundreds of hours under your belt, there will be many mechanics that can trip you up, causing you to die in a raid or trial.

There are lots of mechanics that will get thrown at you across the game's many dungeons, trials, and raids that it is almost impossible to know all of them before jumping into the fight. Understanding the most common universal markers will help you overcome many of the challenges that await you in Final Fantasy 14 and allow you to avoid death or frustration.

Area of Effect Markers

Area of Effect (AoE) Markers come in many different shapes, sizes, and looks but follow the same general rule: Get out of the way of the large colored circle. However, some specific ones should get explained a bit further, which can be found below.

Standard AoE

This is the most common AoE Marker you will see throughout your journey in Final Fantasy 14. The enemy will cast out a large, orange circle that you will have to get away from before they execute the attack. You will typically have more than enough time to get out of harm's way, but that varies from enemy to enemy.

Donut AoE

Another common AoE Marker you will see pop up periodically is the Donut AoE. This attack draws a large ring on the ground, forcing players to stand in the middle of it to avoid taking damage. The enemy will cast a Donut AoE on another player, themselves, or somewhere on the ground at random.

Tracking AoE

While most AoE Attacks are stationary, some will come in a series of multiple strikes, chasing down one or many players. These are known as Tracking AoE Attacks and will force the player to run away from multiple attacks until the barrage is over. Additionally, each AoE Attack can also leave something behind, preventing you from doubling back forcing you to be aware of your pathing.

Mine AoE

Mine AoE Attacks are indicated by circles placed around the ground of the arena and will detonate if a player steps into them. This AoE is typically accompanied by the enemy doing attacks that will try to force you into the circle, so be mindful of that. The explosion will cause significant damage and even apply ailments to you and your teammates.

Stacking Markers

Stacking Markers are a rather important mechanic that appears in almost every dungeon, trail, and raid found within Final Fantasy 14. However, there is virtually no explanation on how to deal with it properly, which can leave many newcomers learning the hard way if the marker gets placed on them.

Stack/Soak Marker

The Stack/Soak Marker is the most common Stacking Marker found within the game. When you see four arrows surrounding you or your teammate, this means a high-damage attack is about to hit that target. You want to share the damage of this attack with the entire team. To deal with it, simply stack the whole party on top of the target to share the damage. Most newcomers, or players unfamiliar with the mechanic, will run away from their teammates, leading to instant death.

Line Stack/Soak Marker

The Line Stack/Soak Marker is very similar to the standard Stack/Soak Marker, except the boss' attack will be a straight line rather than an AoE. This allows ranged users to stand on the edge of the marker while the melee DPS and Tanks huddle in tight and close. You will share damage much like the other entry.

Triangle Stack Marker

When you see a red Triangle Stack Marker appear above you and your teammate's heads, you will need to find at least one other player to share the damage with. If you fail to find a player to stand beside before the attack initiates, you will likely take sufficient damage or have a debuff applied to you. Please note that you can stack more than two people together to negate the attack, so long as you aren't standing by yourself.

Gaze Markers

Another mechanic that periodically pops up from time to time in Final Fantasy 14 is Gaze, which can trip some players up when they aren't expecting it or are familiar with it.

Gaze Marker

The standard Gaze Marker will affect everyone in the party and is indicated by a red-eye marker on the boss and a cast timer. Before the cast timer ends, you will have to look away from the boss to avoid getting an ailment cast on you. You will typically have ample time to avert your gaze of the boss, but you will be in some trouble if you get caught peeking.

Cone Gaze Marker

The red-eye marker will appear on the boss along with a cone that displays the attack's range. Only players standing inside the cone will have to avert their gaze. All others are free to keep attacking/looking at the boss.

Stack Gaze Marker

A purplish-pink Stack Marker will appear above a party member along with the Gaze Marker. Group up to absorb the damage, but face away from the boss to avoid its gaze.

Tether Markers

There are many Tether Markers in Final Fantasy 14. These markers will connect a player to something else in the arena, ranging from the boss, another player, or a rift of some sort. Typically, whoever gets tethered will have to perform a specific action to become untethered, or they will receive an ailment or damage of some sort.

Fire Chain

The Fire Chain tether will connect one player to another and periodically damage them. Before the effects of the tether are applied, move in close to one another, then run in opposing directions.

Orange Tether

The Orange Tether will connect a player to the enemy, marking them for an upcoming mechanic. Orange Tethers can sometimes be passed onto other players if they pass through it, allowing some strategy and management.

Purple Tether (Boss to Adds)

Often you will see a Purple Tether connecting from the boss to adds (additional enemies). This means that the boss is invincible until you dispatch the tethered adds, so focus on them!

Purple Tether (You to Source)

When a Purple Tether connects you to some other source, it will typically apply damage and status effects whenever you're in range of it. Simply run away from the source of the tether to escape.

Red and Green Tethers

This will tether two players together, applying a status effect if they are too far apart. Stay close to one another and move together.

Swap Tether

This will tether two players together and swap their positions after a period of time. Prepare to switch responsibilities with whomever you're tethered to.

Distance Tether

Tethers a player to the enemy, dealing damage relative to the distance between the player and the source. The further away, the more minor the damage.

Aetheric Boom

Multiple orbs will spawn and be tethered to each other. Don't let the orbs touch one another, or they will deal massive damage. Running into them will split the damage between your party.

Akh Morn Tether

Tethers the main tank to the closest party member, indicating that you should prepare for the upcoming tankbuster attack. In this situation, both tanks in the party should stack and share the damage to decrease the odds of a lethal strike.

Knockback/Draw In Markers

There are many different forms of abilities that will knock you back or draw you in towards the marker placed on the ground, which can be pretty tricky to adapt to when in the heat of the moment.


Marks an Impact zone on the ground, dealing damage relative to the distance between the player and the zone. Try getting as far away from the Impact as possible. While Impact doesn't always have a knockback chance, it is possible, so be sure you aren't near a death barrier or other threats.

Knockback Circle

The Knockback Circle will deliver high damage or even death to anyone inside it but will knock the players back who are on the outside. Stand near the edge of the circle to avoid getting knocked into death barriers. Arm's Length and Surecast typically prevent the knockback provided from Knockback Circles.

Tidal Wave

A Tidal Wave will knock you back in a straight line. Stay close to the source of a Tidal Wave, and use Arm's Length or Surecast to prevent the effect.


Magnetism will place Plus and Minus icons above random players, pulling opposites together and pushing the same marks apart. Opposing marks must avoid getting too close to one another as they will receive damage. There are typically AoE Attacks you must attempt to dodge while fighting against Magnetism.

Cursor Marker

In some cases, you will encounter a Cursor Mark, a spinning pointing finger above your head. The Cursor Marker will spin when you're still and will lock into place whenever you move. Wherever the finger is pointing is the only direction you can move in. Move in small, controlled steps until you get the desired position.

Tower Marker

Towers will explode and deal significant damage/inflict ailments if no one stands in them at the end. Some Towers only require one person to stand in them, while others require several (indicated by a visual effect). Tanks should prioritize taking Towers.

Ice Floor

Whenever you move on an Ice Floor, your position will be locked into place in the direction you move, sending you sliding in that direction for a set distance. Try avoiding AoEs and other hazards by planning your movement carefully.

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