Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – Alzadaal’s Legacy Dungeon Guide

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Alzadaal's Legacy is a level 90 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. Added in patch 6.1, this dungeon will mark your first new adventure after saving the universe. In a well-deserverd return to your roots as an adventurer, you will explore the lost ruins of Alzadaal III in search of his treasure.

After rounding up some of the old Scions, you will be ready to take part in a new adventure to the depths of the Bounty. Let's take a look at every boss in Alzadaal's Legacy, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock Alzadaal's Legacy

Alzadaal's Legacy is a main story dungeon that is unlocked through the following quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest 'Alzadaal's Legacy'
    • NPC Location: Y'shtola – Thavnair (X:16.1, Y:33.5)

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    As you make your way through the first section of Alzadaal's Legacy, be prepared for ambushes along the path. Alzadaal Outrubs will jump from nearby bushes and join the fight, so keep these enemies in mind if you are doing big pulls.

    After the first boss, you will periodically encounter Alzadaal's Rampart enemies. These enemies will summon reinforcements a total of three times to the field, summoning additional enemies each time. Focus on destroying the Ramparts first to avoid being overwhelmed with adds.


    The first boss of Alzadaal's Legacy is Ambujam, whose attacks and mechanics are detailed below.

    • Big Wave: Deals damage to all party members and inflicts an unremovable bleed effect, dealing damage over time. The Healer should be prepared to restore the party's health after this attack.
    • Tentacle Dig: Ambujam will stop moving and attacking before digging its tentacles into the ground. These will quickly move around the arena before stopping at a random spot. When the tentacles stop moving, they will soon deal damage in a large circular AoE.
      • To avoid Tentacle Dig, watch the tentacles as they move underground, and try to keep your distance from them. When they stop moving, get as far away from both tentacles as you can.
    • Toxic Fountain: Ambujam will create three sets of circular AoEs around the arena. Watch carefully to determine which set of AoEs is summoned first, then move accordingly to avoid the rest.
    • Ambujam will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. Pay close attention during Tentacle Dig and Toxic Fountain to avoid AoEs. Healers should be prepared to recover the party's health throughout the fight.

      Armored Chariot

      The second boss of Alzadaal's Legacy is the Armored Chariot. This boss's attacks and mechanics are listed below.

      • Articulated Bits: Armored Chariot will summon Bits around the arena, either in the corners or edges. The Bits will then fire a large line AoE beam to their front, and the boss will create a reflecting shield on two of its corners that spreads the beam outward. Depending on the position of the Bits, you will need to avoid this attack differently.
        • Corner Bits: Four Bits will be summoned to the corners of the arena, two with one mark above their heads, and two with two marks above their heads, indicating which order they will attack in. They will fire a line AoE towards the boss, who will have its shield up, reflecting the laser into a wider area. Avoid the corners of the firing Bits during this attack.
        • Edge Bits: Bits will be summoned around the edge of the arena. Bits at the corners will function the same as the previous attack, while bits on the edge of the arena will fire a line AoE to their front that is not reflected. Find the safe spot between the line and corner AoEs to avoid taking damage.

        • Diffusion Ray: Deals damage to all party members. Recover with AoE heals.
        • Rail Cannon: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate this damage as necessary.
        • Graviton Cannon: Targets all party members with an AoE circle. Spread out to avoid overlapping this attack. Graviton Cannon will occur during later uses of Articulated Bits, so be sure to spread out while still avoiding the beam AoEs.

        The Armored Chariot will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. Articulated Bits can be difficult to avoid at first, so watch carefully when the Bits are summoned and the boss turns on its shield.


        The final boss of Alzadaal's Legacy is Kapikulu. At the start of the fight, Kapikulu will cast Billowing Bolts, which will place spikes around the edge of the arena that inflict a high damage bleed debuff. Avoid moving into the edge of the arena as you avoid the rest of Kapikulu's attacks, listed below.

        • Billowing Bolts: Deals damage to all party members. Recover with AoE heals as necessary.
        • Spin Out: Kapikulu will summon even more spike tiles around the arena before pulling all players towards him. Then, each player will be wound up and spun out, forcing them to spin around the arena. You can partially influence the direction you travel by moving to the left or right.
          • As you are spinning, use the movement controls to avoid moving into any of the spike tiles.

          • Crewel Slice: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate.
          • Magnitude Opus: Kapikulu will target a random player with a stack marker. Group up on the affected player to spread out the damage of this attack.
          • Wild Weave: Drapes of multiple colors will drop down from the ceiling of the arena.
            • Power Serge: Kapikulu will target one of the drapes, causing all drapes of the same color to explode in a large circular AoE. Watch carefully to see which color will explode, then move accordingly to avoid the AoE.
          • Rotary Gale: Targets all players with AoE circles. Spread out to avoid overlapping these AoEs.
          • Kapikulu will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. The movement controls during Spin Out can take a bit of getting used to, so focus on learning how much you turn when moving to the left or right. Also, watch carefully during Wild Weave to determine which color of drape will explode. After defeating Kapikulu, Alzadaal's Legacy will be complete.

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