Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward – Clan Hunts Guide

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Final Fantasy 14's Grand Companies offer many great rewards and is an excellent way to earn large sums of EXP if you're looking to power level a Job. However, many players may overlook the importance of their Grand Company, which is easy to do with all the other content in the game.

Within your Grand Company, you can participate in Expert Deliveries to make some easy Gil or take on Hunts to earn significant EXP payouts for the more complex and challenging targets. If you have yet to dive into your Grand Company, there's never a bad time to get started, and it can help you out in the long run.


First things first, before you can participate in Clan Hunts, you must gain access to "The Hunt," which you can find out how to do with our guide here. While Clan Hunts doesn't require you to raise your Grand Company rank, you will still need to be at least a Second Lieutenant to start them as that was a requirement for "The Hunt." But, beyond needing to start the previous Hunts, the requirements for Clan Hunts are a lot less demanding and shouldn't be too much of a hassle. At least early on.

Clan Hunts also have different tiers of Hunts locked behind specific requirements, which must all get met if you want to move onto the Veteran Clan Hunts found in Stormblood. You can find more information on Clan Hunts and their requirements below.

Clan Hunt Requirements

  • Complete "Let the Hunt Begin"
  • Own the Heavensward expansion
  • Be at least level 53 with any Disciple of War or Magic

Clan Hunt Quests

If you meet the requirements above, you are ready to take on Clan Hunts. As mentioned briefly before, Clan Hunts will require you to take on specific missions before you can partake in the stronger Hunts. You should look out for four key missions when doing Clan Hunts. You can find out everything you need to know about them below.

Let the Clan Hunt Begin

Quest NameRequirementsQuest GiverLocationRewardsUnlocks
Let the Clan Hunt Begin
  • Let the Hunt Begin
  • Level 53
AytienneFoundation (X:12, Y:11)
  • 12,285 EXP
  • 449 Gil
Level 1 Clan Mark Bills

Better Bill Hunting

Quest NameRequirementsQuest GiverLocationRewardsUnlocks
Better Bill Hunting
  • Let the Clan Hunt Begin
  • Level 56
EustaciaFoundation (X:12, Y:11)
  • 12870 EXP
  • 465 Gil
Level 2 Clan Mark Bills

Top Marks

Quest NameRequirementsQuest GiverLocationRewardsUnlocks
Top Marks
  • Better Bill Hunting
  • Level 59
YloiseIdyllshire (X:6, Y:6)
  • 13,455 EXP
  • 1,215 Gil
Level 3 Clan Mark Bills

Elite and Dangerous

Quest NameRequirementsQuest GiverLocationRewardsUnlocks
Elite and Dangerous
  • Top Marks
  • Level 60
ArdolainFoundation (X:13, Y:11)
  • 0 EXP
  • 485 Gil
Heavensward Elite Marks

Clan Marks

You can obtain three different types of Clan Marks in Heavensward, all of which are gated by the quests mentioned above. Furthermore, to receive a Clan Mark, you must access the Clan Hunt Board located in the Foundation (X:12, Y:13) and select your desired Hunt level. Upon successfully hunting a target, you will get rewarded with Centurio Seals, EXP, and Gil for your efforts. However, the payout will be different depending on the monster type.

In addition to Clan Marks, you can also take on Heavensward Elite Marks, tiered B, A, and S. These Elite Marks are more formidable Hunts than the regular Clan Marks and will have a set payout depending on which target you can takedown.

Clan Hunt Elite Mark Rewards

RewardB TierA TierS Tier
Centurio SealsN/A40100
Allagan Tomestone of PoeticsN/A30100
Allagan Tomestone of AphorismN/A1030

You can exchange your Centurio Seals for exclusive items and equipment by speaking with Ardolain or Yolain in the Foundation (X:13, Y:11). Furthermore, while B Tiered Hunts won't give you any direct reward, you can still tackle them as part of your Weekly Elite Mark Challenges. Though, we recommend not doing any B Tier Hunts after you have met the goal for your Weekly Challenge. Instead, focus on A and S Tier Hunts as they have a guaranteed payout.

Clan Marks reset daily at 08:00 AM (PST) or 11:00 AM (EST), while Heavensward B Tier Elite Marks reset every week on Tuesday at 01:00 AM (PST) or 04:00 AM (EST). Tiers A-S have no weekly or daily reset as they are on a "kill on sight" basis. However, A and S Marks still have their own respawn timers, with S-Tier monsters requiring a specific event to trigger their appearance.

Heavensward Elite Mark Information

Much like the Elite Marks from "The Hunt" found in A Ream Reborn, each Heavensward Elite Mark will have their own spawn area and respawn timer, with S-Tiered Marks needing you to trigger a specific event before appearing.

You can find every Elite Mark for Heavensward below, along with their respawn time, rank, and region. You will also find the requirements needed to make the S-Tier Marks make their appearance.

Heavensward Elite Mark: Tier B

Mark NameTierRegionRespawn Timer
AlteciBCoerthas Western Highlands5 Seconds
False GigantopithecusBThe Dravanian Hinterlands5 Seconds
Gneth CometdroneBThe Dravanian Forelands5 Seconds
KreutzetBCoerthas Western Highlands5 Seconds
LycidasBAzys Lla5 Seconds
OmniBAzys Lla5 Seconds
PterygotusBThe Dravanian Hinterlands5 Seconds
Sanu Vali of Dancing WingsBThe Sea of Clouds5 Seconds
ScitalisBThe Churning Mist5 Seconds
SquonkBThe Sea of Clouds5 Seconds
The ScarecrowBThe Churning Mist5 Seconds
ThexteraBThe Dravanian Forelands5 Seconds

Heavensward Elite Mark: Tier A

Mark NameTierRegionRespawn Timer
AgathosAThe Churning Mist4-6 Hours
BuneAThe Churning Mist4-6 Hours
CampactiAAzys Lla4-6 Hours
EnkeladosAThe Sea of Clouds4-6 Hours
Lord of the WyvernsAThe Dravanian Forelands4-6 Hours
LyubaACoerthas Western Highlands4-6 Hours
MirkaACoerthas Western Highlands4-6 Hours
PylrasterAThe Dravanian Forelands4-6 Hours
SisiutlAThe Sea of Clouds4-6 Hours
Slipkinx SteeljointsAThe Dravanian Hinterlands4-6 Hours
Stench BlossomAAzys Lla4-6 Hours
StolasAThe Dravanian Hinterlands4-6 Hours

Heavensward Elite Mark: Tier S

Mark NameTierEvent TriggerRegionRespawn Timer
Bird of ParadiseSWhen a Squonk uses its "Chirp" AOE attack, it has a chance of spawning Bird of Paradise.The Sea of Clouds
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenence: 50-80 Hours
GandarewaSMining Aurum Regis Ore or Harvesting Seventh Heaven has a chance of spawning Gandarewa.The Churning Mist
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenence: 50-80 Hours
Kaiser BehemothSFly over the spawn points with the Behemoth Heir minion out.Coerthas Western Highlands
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenence: 50-80 Hours
LeucrottaSDefeat x50 Allagan Chimera, x50 Lesser Hydra, and x50 Meracydian Vouivre.Azys Lla
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenence: 50-80 Hours
SenmurvSSuccessfully finish the "Cerf's Up" FATE five consecutive times.The Dravanian Forelands
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenence: 50-80 Hours
The Pale RiderSOpen Treasure Coffers from the Timeworn Wyvernskin MapsThe Dravanian Hinterlands
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenence: 50-80 Hours

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