Final Fantasy 5 Pixel Remaster: Where To Find Every Summon

Ask a hundred Final Fantasy fans whether or not they love the franchise's epic summoned monsters, and don't tell us if anyone says no. They're one of the most enduring and endearing elements of the series, from their NES roots in Final Fantasy 3 to their modern glory in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 5 sports one of FF's coolest summon collections. You've got the usual suspects, like Shiva and Ifrit, as well as rarer fare like Remora and Catoblepas. Many must be met in battle before they'll permit Bartz and his globetrotting buddies to call upon their aid. Others are simply purchased. All have their uses, though naturally, some are mightier than others.

Only a handful of summoned monsters are automatically obtained. The rest require some legwork. Let our guide do the heavy lifting as you set yourself to scouring three worlds for these 15 stunning species.

Every Final Fantasy 5 Summon, Listed by Location and Acquisition

ChocoboWalsePurchase for 300 gilChocobo Kick: Moderate non-elemental damage to one foe.(Rarely) Fat Chocobo: Moderate non-elemental damage to all foes.
SylphWalsePurchase for 350 gilWhisperwind: Attacks a single foe. All party members are healed to the amount of 25 percent of the inflicted damage.
RemoraWalsePurchase for 250 gilConstrict: Paralyzes a single foe.
IfritLibrary of the AncientsDefeat him in combat.Hellfire: Fire damage to all foes.
ShivaCastle WalseDefeat her in combat.Diamond Dust: Ice damage to all foes
RamuhRandom encounter in the forests outside IstoryDefeat him in combat.Judgment Bolt: Lightning damage to all foes.
GolemRandom encounter in DrakenvaleDefeat the two monsters assaulting him.Earthen Wall: The party negates (20 + caster's level) * 50 HP of incoming, physical damage.
TitanKarnak MeteoriteDefeat him in combat.Gaia's Wrath: Earth damage to all foes.
CatoblepasNorthwest island of Galuf's WorldEncounter and dispatch a Catoblepas enemy.Demon Eye: Petrifies one foe.
SyldraPirates' Hangout (Merged World)Visit the Pirates' Hideout after Syldra saves the party. A scene will play and you will obtain the summon.Thunderstorm: Wind damage to all foes.
CarbuncleCastle ExdeathDefeat him in combat.Ruby Light: Casts Reflect to all party members.
OdinBasement of Castle Bal, reachable via Jachol CaveDefeat him in combat.Gungnir: Non-elemental damage to one foe.(If no enemies are considered heavy) Zantetsuken: Instantly kills all foes.
LeviathanIstory Falls (Merged World)Defeat him in combat.Tsunami: Water damage to all foes.
BahamutNorth MountainDefeat him in combat.Mega Flare: Non-elemental damage to all foes.
PhoenixPhoenix TowerReach the top of the tower.Flames of Rebirth: Fire damage to all foes and revives one fallen ally with full HP and MP.

What Are Final Fantasy 5's Best Summons?

Only the first trio of summoned monsters are sold in shops, probably because anything stronger would make a mess of everything. Several magical elements are offensively represented by a summon. Golem and Carbuncle are excellent sources of defense; Phoenix is great for offense and defense.

Bahamut hits the hardest overall, but Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Syldra, and Leviathan all have their time and place. (Poor Ifrit's simply outclassed by Phoenix.)

Odin ranges from decent but unspectacular to what is essentially an "I win" button, depending on the enemy lineup. If even one of them is considered "heavy" rather than "light," Odin's Gungnir attack is a fine enough way to spend a turn.

If every enemy falls under the light category, however, Zantetsuken will instantly kill them all. Unfortunately, these weight-based parameters are invisible stat modifiers, so it's typically a matter of using your best judgment and hoping things pan out in your favor.

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