Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Includes A Watermarked Painting

The Final Fantasy hype train rolled on this week as Crisis Core Reunion launched on Tuesday. Early reactions to the game appear to be largely positive, but some eagle-eyed players have noticed a detail that really took them out of the moment. A Getty Images watermark on an in-game painting that appears multiple times.

Spotted by Kotaku, the image can be found during chapter eight of the remastered Final Fantasy 7 title. On the wall inside a Shinra mansion is a black and white painting of a mildly busy street complete with horses and carts and a few people milling about. However, what stands out most is the plain-as-day watermark left right in the middle of it.

To make matters worse, this isn't the only place you can find said painting. It's up on the wall three times and yes, the watermark is present in all three instances. After doing a little digging, Kotaku managed to unearth the actual painting through Getty's website. Painted by John Crowther, the image is of a London street and was created all the way back in 1881.

Whoever decided it would be the perfect image to pop on a Shinra mansion wall cropped out the bulk of the painting's sky, stretched it to fit the frame, added a black and white filter, and then popped it up on the wall. Well, actually, multiple walls. What they neglected to do is remove the watermark. While not confirmed nor denied by Square Enix, that also implies the studio didn't pay to use the image. If it had done then a version without the watermark would have been used.

If you want to check out the watermark for yourselves, you now know where to find it. You'll want to act fast though as now people have spotted it, word will have already gotten back to Square Enix and it will be scrubbed from the game before you know it, and before a potential lawsuit is spun from it. Also, keep your eyes peeled for more Final Fantasy news as the series celebrates its 35th anniversary this week.

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