Final Fantasy 7 Remake Character Renders Show Stunning Detail

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is known for its stunning visuals from the artistic and programming wizards at Square Enix, and when you look at these incredibly hi-res renders, you’ll notice how detailed the company is with their characters.

Audrey (@aitaikimochi) on Twitter attended a Final Fantasy VII Remake event at the Skytree, a well-known hotspot in Tokyo. While there, she found immaculately printed pictures of the main cast for the game and found minute details in the way each character is designed. She posted a thread of each piece of art displayed at the event.

Let’s start off with our Soldier 1st Class, Cloud. In the tweet below, you can see skin pores on his face, super short hairs on his arm, and even the detail of his veins from his wrist and up. You can also see the slight weathering of his signature shoulder plate and the little strands of fibers of his shirt.

With Aerith’s picture, her hair isn’t as perfect as it seems as there are flyaway strands all over. You can also see the intricate detail of her denim jacket, which looks very realistic. Her bangles have a flowery design that suits her character perfectly; they even have a shine to them.

Tifa has snakeskin boots, fire charms on her waist, a flowery designed belt, and even cotton balls on her black socks. She is wielding gauntlets and now with greater detail, we know there are Nordic runes bordering the red and silver plates of the weapons. In addition, you can see all the bolts keeping the gauntlets together.

Barrett’s design proves that Square Enix went above and beyond with the character design. If you look at his dog tag, it reads:

Barret Wallace/MaleDecember 15, XXXIOMidgar Avalanche, LeadCall; XXX•XXXX•XXXX

His Gatling gun is also detailed; the development team must have researched how Gatling guns are made because it looks super realistic. It’s stunning how the fabric on his vest frays off, showing that he’s worn it for a long time. You can also see each one of his chest hairs lovingly crafted for his character.

Red XIII has an intricate red pattern on his earrings that is hard to notice under normal circumstances. His bangles also have some sort of writing on them, but even under this close eye, it’s hard to tell if they’re Nordic or not.

Square Enix didn’t skimp out on the villains either. Tseng, has a mole above his left eyebrow and another on his hand, and Reno is showing his natural hair color in his sideburns. His chest also has moles and skin pores with very tiny hairs sticking out. Sephiroth has a super cool belt buckle with a silver feather and then smaller feather keychains hanging below. You can see how battle-hardened Sephiroth is with tonnes of scratches on his shoulder pad.

With the power of the PS5, perhaps we’ll see these intricacies naturally on our 4K screens with the second part of the remake.

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