Final Fantasy Fan Buys Exoskeleton To Flaunt His Very Own Buster Sword

One of 2020’s finest games is back in the news as Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is heading to the PS5 this summer. However, even since the first FF7 Remake edition released on the PS4, the game lit up a creative spark among YouTubers and other content creators to find clever ways to honor the world of Final Fantasy in their own manner.

Whether it’d be with unique takes on Final Fantasy music or brilliant and gorgeous-looking Tifa cosplays, FF7 Remake is just too big to ignore, perhaps just as big and loud as Cloud’s Buster Sword. Though in the past many FF7 fans have dared to forge their very own giant swords, usually the end result is finding out just how impractical and unrealistic Cloud’s signature weapon truly is, that’s why YouTuber Allen Pan decided to take things to the next level by finding a “convenient” way to Omnislash his way through unsuspecting watermelons.

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By Pan’s own account, he used spare money from government stimulus checks to fund his project which includes getting a friend to weld him a giant Buster-like sword and then purchasing a hydraulic exoskeleton ($900) due to Cloud preferring such a poorly designed tool. Weighing in at 50 pounds, Pan’s Buster Sword is actually kind of light when compared to other YouTube Final Fantasy copies seen before, yet it still has the same offset center of gravity that makes it incredibly hard to pick it up, let alone swing it.

Despite the exoskeleton not proving to be the out-of-the-box solution he expected, his craftiness allows him to find a couple of suitable workarounds to finally use it, even if the result isn’t quite as elegant. When that happens, he calls powerlifter Chase Lee who simply confirms that when it comes to giant swords, there’s no individual more worthy of them than a giant dude, thus really raising some questions about Cloud’s skinny build.

Pan’s YouTube channel Allen Pan – Sufficiently Advanced – is devoted to bringing fictional technology to real life, including real Hulk hands, a Charmander flamethrower that would make Elon Musk jealous, Pikachu tasers, and real Star Wars lightsaber capable of doing some serious damage. Overall, his videos are usually fantastic practical physics lessons, in this case revealing the kind of performance-enhancing drug that mako really must be.

There’s no indication that Pan might want to try making and using some giant Shuriken like the ones Yuffie sports in FF7’s Remake DLC, Barret’s gun-arm or Sephiroth’s Masamune, but expect similar challenges for anyone trying to experiment with these wacky weapons.

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