Final Fantasy War Of The Visions: How To Level Up Units Quickly

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  • Character Shards, Limit Breaks, Awakenings, And EXP Cubes
  • Limit Break Unit Shard Acquisitions
  • Chocobo Expeditions And Daily Purchase Bonuses
  • Training Challenge Missions, Character Quests, And Daily Shard Quests
  • Guild Barracks, Normal Summons, Soul Shards, And Summon Tickets

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a tactical RPG mobile title in which your strategy is only as good as the units you obtain. However, leveling up units can take months and, if you're not careful, can lead to missing out on time-limited content. Once you've done the beginning tutorial in War of the Visions and summoned your first few units, you'll need to level up your units to complete more complex missions.

There are best practices to ensure you level up your units quickly, and while there are several ways to level up, you may find yourself on a time limit due to collaborations or rotating content. Leveling up most efficiently is essential to conquering the latest challenges.

Character Shards, Limit Breaks, Awakenings, And EXP Cubes

To fully level up a character, you'll need several resources. These include character-specific unit shards to complete limit breaks, awakening materials, and EXP cubes to speed up the process. Each character must reach their highest limit break and job level and be awakened to six stars before reaching the highest overall unit level. Some of these resources are easier to obtain than others. However, you can mitigate the process for more rare materials.

While you can easily farm awakening materials, and EXP cubes are frequently given away for free, unit shards are the most complex items to obtain and will slow down the leveling process. The quickest way to level up a character is to focus on acquiring unit shards as quickly as possible.

Limit Break Unit Shard Acquisitions

Unit-specific shards used to limit break units can be challenging to come by, and different unit rarities require different amounts to limit break them entirely. Ultra Rare (UR) units will need the most unit shards and, therefore, will take the longest to level up. The quickest ways to acquire Unit Shards include:

  • Level 40 Character Quests
  • Training Challenge Missions
  • Daily Shard Quests (if applicable)
  • Guild Barracks
  • Soul Stars Exchange
  • Daily Purchase Bonus (if applicable)
  • Whimsy Shop
  • Regular Shop
  • Chocobo Expeditions
  • Medal Exchange
  • Limited Normal Summons
  • Select Unit Shard Summon Tickets

To completely limit break a UR unit, you'll need 600 unit shards. Acquiring 600 shards will take the longest when attempting to level up a unit from the vast amount necessary. Be sure to complete every available step to speed up the process.

Limit BreakShards
140 Shards
280 Shards
3120 Shards
4160 Shards
5200 Shards

The quickest ways to gain those 600 shards are to first exchange the number of medals earned from summoning the unit into the respective shards within the specific character shop. This will only work if you summon a unit on the current banner.

Each 10x summon grants 100 summon medals, which can be exchanged at a rate of one shard for ten medals, ensuring you'll start with at least ten shards after summoning for the unit. The longer it takes to pull the unit, the more medals you have to exchange for unit shards.

Chocobo Expeditions And Daily Purchase Bonuses

Once you've exchanged all your summon medals for shards, ensure to set up your Chocobo Expeditions. Set the expedition area to the corresponding element of your unit, and ensure your expedition party includes the bonus units, which will raise the drop rate and acquisition speed of the rewards gained from the expedition. This means more rare drops, such as unit shards, with expeditions completing faster.

If during your pulls for the unit you've purchased Visiore to summon with, be sure to check the daily purchase bonus, which will offer rewards based on the amount of money spent within the day. You can claim the daily purchase bonus every day that you purchase Visiore from the game for seven days during the summon period, and the bonus will sometimes include unit shards.

Daily purchase bonuses usually offer a gift of 100 unit shards for the current unit at some point throughout the week. The daily purchase bonus will also include Vision Stars that you can exchange for shards for a unit of your choice that is not a limited character.

This will work for any character whether they're on the current summon banner or not.

Training Challenge Missions, Character Quests, And Daily Shard Quests

Training challenge missions will offer 120 unit shards if completed. Those missions require you to level up the unit and their job to a specific level and reward you with several unit shards in exchange. The training challenge missions are time-limited, so be sure to do them within the time frame of the unit's release or miss out on up to 120 unit shards.

Once your unit reaches level 40, you'll be able to take on their character quest, which will give another 15 unit shards upon completion. You should also set up your characters for daily shard quests, granting two unit shards daily. Daily shard quests, however, are not applicable for limited or collaboration units.

When they drop, catch double-up campaigns for the daily shard quests. It'll allow you to gain double the daily unit shards, providing four shards per unit during the campaign's length.

Guild Barracks, Normal Summons, Soul Shards, And Summon Tickets

Guild barracks allow you to place the unit you want to acquire unit shards for into the barracks. While in the barracks, each unit will gain one unit shard every 12 hours. You'll also be able to purchase shards for Visiore in the regular shop and at a discounted rate in the whimsy shop. The whimsy shop lasts 30 minutes when it pops up, so be sure to purchase the unit shards when available.

Limited normal summons should be performed three times per day, and during the summon period, you can grab unit shards with these free summons, so be sure to do them daily. Select Unit Shard Summon Tickets are given throughout the month as free daily gifts and can be used to select five unit shards for any applicable unit.

Soul Stars are given from pulling units during summons and can be used to exchange stars for unit shards. The fastest way to help level up a unit is to use any soul stars and tickets you've collected to exchange for unit shards.

If you're leveling up a unit during their featured time frame, be sure to grab their shards from the featured unit shop while it's available during their summon period. Also, use your Select Unit Summon Shard Tickets to help finish off characters.

If you take advantage of every resource in the game, the time it takes to finish a unit can go from months to weeks, depending on your luck. You can then use EXP cubes to gain quick levels and farm every other resource needed through the available quests.

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