Fire Emblem’s 30th Anniversary Edition Is Continuing To Sell Like Hot Sweet Buns

Fire Emblem fans in North America got a treat last year when the classic Famicom title Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light released for the first time on northern soil. Alongside this digital release, Nintendo also offered a Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary Edition, which is still in high demand after being released into the wild late last year.

The digital release of Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light had the catch of being a limited-time release – available on the Nintendo Switch eShop until March 31, 2021. Like its counterpart, the 30th Anniversary Edition will also be available for a “limited time” only – the primary reason why this edition is selling so fast. Sadly, scalpers are cashing in on this limited-time offer, and Fire Emblem fans have already pleaded with Nintendo to produce more copies in an attempt to stop these daylight robbers from making a profit.

On a lighter note, the 30th Anniversary Edition is exploding with pastime collectibles that every Fire Emblem fan should own. Firstly, the Legacy of Archanea deluxe art book is a 222-page history lesson on the continent that the game is set in. Secondly, Nintendo wanted to produce an iconic trip down memory lane by including a replica NES cartridge of the game, complete with the box, instruction booklet, map, sleeve, and game art. Lastly, the Japanese titan provided a mini Nintendo Power poster to seal the deal. It is worth noting that this edition does not come with a physical copy of the game, but it does include a download code.

Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light’s 30th Anniversary release brings about the resurgence of Marth’s journey to become the hero of Archanea. Over 50 characters and 20 classes are available to choose from while you design your strategy for each chapter in classic 8-bit style. New features have also been added to this special release, including the option to rewind and immediately try again, fast-forward to cruise through dialogue or combat animations, and save states that allow you to jump back into gameplay wherever you left off.

Before you kick off your retro adventure, you may be interested in checking out the guide we compiled before diving into Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light. This guide breaks down the re-release’s new features and highlights the difference in mechanics and graphics to Three Houses.

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