First Major Sonic Frontiers Patch Fixes Bugs, Performance Issues, And More

Sonic Frontiers is getting its first major patch since launch day, addressing several areas of the game that have seen bugs and performance issues. So far, the update is only available to PlayStation 4 and 5 players, with Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch patches coming "in the near future".

Among the many fixes, the patch will address an issue that was causing Titans to disappear from the game when players restart the boss battle. There should also be various performance fixes, perhaps addressing the extreme pop-in that many have complained about since launch.

Having just booted up the game on Xbox Series S, the update doesn't seem to be available outside of PlayStation just yet. There's also no word on when it will be made available to the rest of us, but in the meantime, we have the patch notes.

"Distribution of Patch 1.10 for PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 versions of [Sonic Frontiers] has started," reads an update from the Japanese Sonic Twitter account (thanks, Sonic City). "Other models will be distributed in each region in the near future."

On top of fixing performance issues, implementing gameplay optimization, and making UI improvements, PlayStation players should also experience less crashing. The update also aims to get rid of a bug that was preventing the completion of Chaos Island, as the map wasn't updating when a task was completed.

While fans are pleased to see such a big update getting rolled out, there are still plenty of suggestions for other fixes. For example, many players want a boss rush mode, or at least the option to rechallenge the Titans after they've been defeated. Funny enough, a lot of fans seem to want the Starfall event to happen less too. Even though it gives you a bunch of useful items, many find it too irritating and want it to be a rarer occurrence.

Sonic Frontiers is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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