First WoW Classic Player Hits Level 60, More than 300,000 Watch Live

World of Warcraft’s Classic edition launched last week to much fanfare. Its release was so popular that it reached more than 1 million viewers on Twitch, surpassing Fortnite and all other games.

Now, it’s been reported that the first player to reach WoW Classic’s level cap of 60 did so with some 300,000+ people watching live.

The player, “Jokerd,” leveled a gnome mage to 60 in three days, 20 hours, and 40 minutes, accordingto Dot Esports. He played on the Mograine server in Europe.

Jokerd is said to be the first player in the West to reach the game’s level cap, though not necessarily the first player worldwide to do so.

According to Dot ESports, Jokerd was able to level quickly by soloing mobs. He also reportedly made use off the layering system that apparently helped him level faster. He wrote on Twitter that he started using layering at level 58, when it was already “in the bag” that he was going to be first to level 60. Jokerd also denied claims that someone else played his account while he slept.

WoW Classic, as its name suggests, is a re-release of the original MMO from 2004 with some functionality changes. It’s free for existing subscribers of WoW.

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